Victoria Lawson

Denomination: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)
Organization: McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, Atlanta, GA

I am currently the Children’s Ministry Intern at Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta. Though I’ve always loved serving in some capacity, I started in Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry about 4 years ago when I began my journey at Samford University in Birmingham, AL as a Religion major. I have had the opportunity to work in several ministry settings in various churches and non-profit organizations in the Birmingham area before coming to Atlanta to pursue further studies at McAfee School of Theology. Professors who encouraged me to lean into the call that I’d felt for so long have been instrumental in where I am today.

I started preaching a few years ago as an undergraduate student in response to an invitation from a beloved Professor Dr. Jim Barnette who is director of a program called Samford Sunday. This program connects students who have an interest in congregational ministry with churches throughout Alabama and provides them opportunities to preach/speak to those congregations. Looking back to my 1st sermon among my peers, literally shaking in my boots, to see God’s faithfulness today is beyond believable. It is my heart’s absolute joy to share the word of God whether through sermons in churches, small groups with teenagers, written works or through song and especially with people in ways that are both relatable, real, and relevant.

I have been a volunteer with an organization called Young Life for the past 3 years. This is an incredible organization that essentially meets kids/ teens where they are, introduce them to Christ and help them grow in their faith. This is done through relationships with these students and their families, regular contact with them weekly through bible studies, camp experiences, and small groups discussions. During my time in Birmingham I was privileged to work with middle and high school kids, many of which I have seen grow in their walk with Christ over the years. Since moving to Atlanta, I have become involved with another branch of this organization called Young Lives, which is the same ministry, however, catered to teen moms. I absolutely love working with these girls, helping them set goals, and encouraging them to be the women and moms that God has called them to be.

I am in my 2nd year of study pursing a Master of Divinity from McAfee School of Theology. I recently turned 26 years old and am definitely trying to find my spot and leave my footprint in the world for Christ. Though currently, I have no specific post-degree plans, it is a dream of mine to return to my hometown of Wilcox County Alabama and implement outreach programs there for boys and girls in the area. I grew up in a small town called Catherine, the rural area just south of Historic Selma. My family is there and so is my heart, but until then I know that God is shaping these experiences that I have to point me in the area that He has called me to. For now I am enjoying my studies and basking in my love for music and writing. I have a blog titled Journeys On Purpose in which I share my inspirations and concerns, feats and failures of being a young Christian woman navigating life and the world. I am also in the final process of publishing my 1st book, which is a 30-Day Devotional titled, Read This If You’re Discouraged. I know that this work of my heart will bless readers and inspire them beyond belief.

I always like to share when people inquire about what’s next for me that, “I do not have a specific address as to where I am headed, but I now beyond shadows of doubt that I am on the right road.”

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