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Luke A. Powery: Brutalizing Black bodies is an assault against God

Wednesday September 16, 2020
The torture inflicted on Black people dates back to enslavement and continues to this day as a denial of their humanity, writes the dean of Duke Chapel.

Will Willimon: Preachers are a pain

Tuesday August 18, 2020
The preaching and leadership necessary for the church to fulfill its mission inevitably produces discomfort in the people and in their leader, writes the theologian and retired UMC bishop.

Ken Carter: How a scriptural imagination can help Christians face fear

Wednesday July 08, 2020
It is natural to be afraid at a time like this. But the spiritual practice of reading Scripture within a deep tradition can be grounding for us, and can help us be resilient in the face of fear, writes UMC Bishop Ken Carter.

Nathan Kirkpatrick: How to think about what's next when the future is unclear

Thursday April 30, 2020
COVID-19 presents us with overwhelming daily challenges, but we must also begin to consider what's ahead, writes a managing director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

Debra Dean Murphy: Mary Oliver and other poets can help us perceive--and protect--the natural world

Wednesday April 29, 2020
The disciplined reading of poetry can inculcate a mindset of paying deep attention to the world around us, says scholar Debra Dean Murphy.

Faith & Leadership Interviews Adam Hamilton: Living with courage and hope in uncertain times

Friday April 17, 2020
People have always experienced fear, and always will, says the Rev. Adam Hamilton. It’s part of who we are and how we are wired. In many ways, fear is even a good thing that warns us of potential dangers.