The Rev. Dr. Christopher Edmonston

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA)
Organization: White Memorial Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Edmonston has been senior pastor of White Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC, since 2011.

Earlier he served churches in Tarboro and Charlotte, NC.

Christopher is a graduate of Davidson College and earned his M.Div. from Union Presbyterian Seminary, on whose board he serves, and a D.Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary.

A regular contributor to a number of blogs and publications, he has preached and taught around the country, and frequently speaks at church retreats and conferences.

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Christopher Edmonston: Sudden Change

Tuesday May 19, 2020
In the midst of sudden and surprising changes, Dr. Christopher Edmonston says Jesus challenges his disciples—and us—to expect the Holy Spirit to fill us and use us as witnesses to the ends of the earth.

Christopher Edmonston: The God of Unexpected Things

Tuesday May 12, 2020
When Paul presented the good news in Athens, preaching to a bunch of skeptics, Dr. Christopher Edmonston says the court of the Areopagus was all about reason and rhetoric, but Paul drops divine mystery on them. In spite of their intelligence and great learning, he reminds them there is still much to be learned—and the showstopper he presents is the resurrection of Jesus.