Drew Rick-Miller

Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA)
Organization: Science for the Church

Drew Rick-Miller is Project Co-director of Science for the Church and the lead editor of the weekly email newsletter.

In addition to leading this project, he does freelance work on a range of projects including Science for Seminaries, Orbiter magazine, and programs at the Fuller Youth Institute and Biola University. Previously, he spent more than ten years with the John Templeton Foundation, most recently leading the Religious Engagement Department, where he developed programs helping religious leaders and media engage scientific content.

Drew studied literature and physics at Northwestern University before attending Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Drew’s vocational passion is to help the church navigate the faith and science interface.

Drew lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, a Presbyterian pastor, and their three daughters. He still proudly dons purple and cheers on his Northwestern Wildcats.

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Drew Rick-Miller/Science for the Church: Has Science Changed My Prayer Life?

Tuesday September 14, 2021
How has science impacted my prayer life? I hope this is a question our series on prayer is leading you to ask. It certainly is for me.

Drew Rick-Miller/Science for the Church: Is the Scientific Study of Prayer Legit?

Tuesday August 31, 2021
Several years ago, a pastor asked me if the scientific study of prayer is legit. I replied, “That’s complicated.” At the time, I did not fully understand how true this is. Why is it complicated? There are many reasons...

Drew Rick-Miller/Science for the Church: What Kind of God… Entropy and the Arrow of Time?

Wednesday August 18, 2021
Another way to answer the question I asked last week, “What kind of God would create a universe that obeys the second law of thermodynamics, where entropy always increases?” is that it is a God who wants there to be an arrow of time.

Drew Rick-Miller/Science for the Church: What Kind of God… Entropy?

Tuesday August 10, 2021
A pandemic that won’t let go. Political division. Racial tension. A changing—some might say—deteriorating, landscape for the Christian church. We know firsthand a thing or two about disorder. And it doesn’t even include the disorder each of us feels in the personal chaos we must navigate.

Drew Rick-Miller/Science for the Church: Why Care About Creation? Part 3

Friday July 30, 2021
In the previous two newsletters, I outlined seven rationales for why Christians should care about the environment. They are all compelling, but if the church is going to get folks talking about creation care and motivate increasing numbers of us to take our roles as stewards of the earth more seriously, we need more than secular arguments with a Christian gloss.

Drew Rick-Miller/Science for the Church: Why Care for Creation? Part 2

Tuesday July 27, 2021
Our churches are often divided over climate change. A discussion of the topic will generate much heat–and whether it is a heat that illuminates or burns is unclear.

Drew Rick-Miller/Science for the Church: Why Care About Creation? Part 1

Friday July 23, 2021
“Talk about it.” Those three words are what Katharine Hayhoe tells the church and every other community to do if they want to learn how to support the long-term well-being of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Drew Rick-Miller: Summer Reading and Watching - Science for the Church

Thursday July 01, 2021
Here we offer our 2021 recommendations for books and films with the hope that, like us, you have extra bandwidth in July and August to sit with them.

Drew Rick-Miller: Make Your Face Shine Upon Us

Thursday June 17, 2021
I experienced a post-pandemic first last week, flying for the first time in nearly 18 months (to attend an in-person meeting no less). Then, upon my return home, I learned something even more exciting. Our church is returning to in-person worship next month. I can’t wait to pass the peace face-to-face.

Drew Rick-Miller: Making Progress Post-Pandemic - Science for the Church

Wednesday June 02, 2021
“Trouble is opportunity.” I don’t think Sir John Marks Templeton was the first to coin that phrase, but I heard it a lot during my decade working for his foundation. It was one of his investment mantras. When the market was down, he would find the next big winner. Trouble did not interrupt progress, but was a catalyst for it.

Drew Rick-Miller: When Loss Is a Gain - Science for the Church

Tuesday May 11, 2021
New research suggests a cognitive bias may account for why subtraction can be difficult for us, even well outside the domain of mathematics. We are really good at adding things, but often miss the benefits of removing them. In this there appears to be some convergence between science and Scripture.

Drew Rick-Miller: A History Lesson - Science for the Church

Wednesday April 28, 2021
Getting Our History Right on Faith and Science: A Lesson Outline for use by your church group...

Drew Rick-Miller: Signs of New Life - Science for the Church

Tuesday March 30, 2021
New life, like resurrection, is a theme for Easter and every other Sunday of the year. We proclaim it at baptism, we preach it to motivate folks to come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, we celebrate it whenever we see it, and we offer it as balm to those facing difficult and dark days.

Drew Rick-Miller: Mangoes from Heaven - Science for the Church

Thursday March 25, 2021
Many conceptions of missionaries focus on the Great Commission, the teaching of the Christian Scriptures and faith, and truth be told, quite a bit of colonialist baggage. Missionaries I have known live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment by both showing and telling God’s love.

Drew Rick-Miller: Be Still and Know

Wednesday March 03, 2021
Psalm 46 instructs us: “Be still and know that I am God!” Truth be told, stillness is not my thing. I can sit still for a while, especially snuggled up to one of my daughters or pets. And I’m part of a denomination that is known as the ‘frozen chosen.’

Drew Rick-Miller: Scientists Matter to the Church

Thursday February 18, 2021
“Our church doesn’t really have any scientists. That is simply not relevant for us.” These are the statements I often hear from pastors after describing the work of Science for the Church. It is not entirely surprising either.

Drew Rick-Miller: Tools for a Divided Nation

Tuesday January 12, 2021
While faith and science debates—such as the Intelligent Design paradigm, an old vs. young Earth, or a literal Adam and Eve—seem peripheral to our political division, the experience of having those conversations offer us tools that translate to our current predicament.

Drew Rick-Miller: To Know the Christ Child

Tuesday December 22, 2020
On Christmas Eve—my favorite night of the entire Christian calendar—I pray that you don’t let your brain and rationality get in the way of the moment, and that language and logic do not paralyze you.

Drew Rick-Miller: Prepare the Way for a COVID Christmas

Wednesday December 09, 2020
If researchers are correct, forgetfulness is increasing in this pandemic. But why? Why is it so hard to remember right now? Since memory is deeply contextual and socialization helps us consolidate memories, this COVID-induced isolation can also induce forgetfulness.

Drew Rick-Miller: In a Funk

Wednesday November 04, 2020
Scientists tell us we are a highly social species. Our minds and bodies are built for interpersonal connections. Isolation is not good for any of us, even the most introverted. Facial expression, physical touch, and body language are all crucial ways we engage and thrive as social beings.

Drew Rick-Miller: Science & Faith: An Alleged Rivalry

Thursday October 29, 2020
There’s been a longstanding warfare thesis about the alleged rivalry between faith and science. But in the words of historian Ron Numbers, it’s “more propaganda than history.” Decades of research—by believers and non-believers—is unanimous on this point. The history of science and religion is not the history of an enduring conflict. There is no war, but a pervasive perception of conflict.

Drew Rick-Miller: What Kind of God?

Tuesday October 06, 2020
Most science and faith geeks, like myself, love Psalm 19. The heavens declare, they tell of, they proclaim the glory of God. Scripture shows us that God is revealed by both nature (vv. 1-6) and the Law of the Lord (vv. 7-14). This gives warrant for the two books understanding of revelation—it is both the Bible and nature that are declaring, telling of, and proclaiming the glory of God.

Drew Rick-Miller: The Wonderful Burden of Caregiving

Saturday September 19, 2020
In this article I want to look at some of the research around caregiving—an expansive field looking at numerous dimensions of delivering and receiving care—and challenge you and your church to think about ways this research can strengthen your ministry to those giving and receiving care.

Drew Rick-Miller: Some Science Behind Sin

Tuesday June 23, 2020
In his article for "Science for the Church," Drew Rick-Miller says, whether it is our selfish nature that compels us to prioritize ourselves and our families, or the study of various neuroses, or understanding how our emotions get the best of us, science has a lot to say about sin. Including the sin of racism.