The Rev. Dr. Steve Shoemaker

Denomination: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)
Organization: Grace Baptist Church, Statesville, NC

The Rev. Dr. H. Stephen Shoemaker serves as pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Statesville, NC.

Steve has more than 45 years of pastoral experience, serving Southern Baptist and American Baptist Churches in Kentucky, Texas, and North Carolina.

He is a graduate of Stetson University and earned his M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in New York City and his Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Steve is the author of eight books, and is currently working on a new book on baptism. He’s taught preaching at three seminaries and has published numerous articles and sermons.

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Steve Shoemaker: Jesus and Blind Bartimaeus: The Gospel as Healing

Tuesday October 19, 2021
In his sermon on the healing of Blind Bartimaeus, Dr. Steve Shoemaker says our evangelical mission, the mission of the good news of God in Christ, comes in the words, "Rise, take heart, he is calling you." We bring people into the vicinity of Jesus, where healing can happen.