The Rev. Caroline Smith

Denomination: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)
Organization: Parkway Baptist Church - Duluth/John’s Creek, GA

Rev. Caroline Smith was ordained in the Cooperative Baptist Church tradition in 2005. Currently she serves as senior pastor of Parkway Baptist Church in John’s Creek, GA. She received her BA in religion from Baylor University, her Masters of Divinity from George W. Truett Theological Seminary and her Masters in Social Work from Baylor University. As a PhD in preaching student at Baylor University, Caroline enjoys exploring the world of preaching with a special interest in prophetic preaching and social justice.

Caroline, along with her husband Josh, served with the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles the Southwest and Hawaii (ABCOFLASH) and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Johannesburg, South Africa where Caroline ministered with local Indian Baptist conventions and served as the pastor and counselor for a children’s home. Previously, Caroline served as senior pastor of Wilton Baptist Church in Connecticut and as moderator for the Baptist Fellowship of the Northeast. She was on pastoral staff at the First Baptist Church of Glendale, California and served as president of the ABCOFLASH minister’s council. In 2013 Caroline was awarded the highest honor of the Baylor School of Social Work when she was chosen as the Alumni of the Year.

Caroline and Josh have two sweet children, Bella (13) and Noah (9). Caroline loves to travel and finds incredible peace and joy in scuba diving!

- My favorite thing to talk about was my time as a pastor at a children’s home in South Africa. While there I also helped to start a clinic, an afterschool program and a home for abandoned babies. Over 50 babies have been adopted from the baby home!
- I love, love, love scuba diving. I find it deeply meditative and a truly spiritual experience.
- I am currently a PhD in preaching student at Baylor University and love studying prophetic preaching and social justice. This is where my MSW intersects with my ministry.

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The Liberating Power of Christ

Tuesday January 23, 2024
What has power over you? Not all power is equal. Power can be negative. It can motivate poorly. It can come from places that are self-serving. We all know of people and things that have power over us, that aren’t beneficial. The power of physical illness, as in the case of this little boy. The power of an unkind word. The power of fear. The power of insecurity. We all know these powers. Power can be adverse. In our gospel text, we read about power that is adverse...