Ophelia Hu Kinney

Denomination: United Methodist Church (UMC)
Organization: Reconciling Ministries Network

Ophelia Hu Kinney serves as the Director of Communications for an organization seeking LGBTQ justice and inclusion in The United Methodist Church and on the staff of a fiercely loving, justice-seeking church in Portland, Maine.

She also shares her time with Beloved Arise and the Equality Community Center of Maine.

Her pronouns are she/her.

Learn more at https://opheliahukinney.com/

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The Playfulness of God

Friday February 23, 2024
Play is how we first made sense of the world into which we were born. It was how we explored ourselves and our worlds, our divine outer and our divine inner realms. Unless we change and become like children, right? Then perhaps we will find our hands cupped and overflowing with the kingdom of God. Above this mycelium, Above the vast and rich traditions of playfulness that buoy and connect our cultures is what is visible on the forest floor of our existence.