Jean Carlos Diaz

Organization: New City Church

Jean Carlos Diaz is a gay, Puerto Rican speaker and storyteller from the Twin Cities. Jean also preaches at New City Church, a faith community led by queer people of color. Whether through marketing or ministry, storytelling, or speaking, his mission is to move people to things that matter.

He’s married to his amazing husband Fabo. Jean loves Jesus, but in an inclusive and liberating way, and He'd love to support or speak to your community.

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Making 100 TikToks as Ministry

Wednesday February 28, 2024
I’m by no means an expert on TikTok. God knows I watched a bunch of videos from people who say they are. Like many of you, I’m just doing ministry and learning every day. But by taking this journey, I’ve grown as a leader and I’ve grown my community. On average, I reach 10x more people per post (TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube combined) than I do in person. After making 100 TikToks as part of my ministry, here’s what I’ve learned...