Dwelling With God

You [God] certainly love your people.
All your holy ones are in your hands.
They bow at your feet
to receive your instructions.
-Deuteronomy 33:3

Just before he died, Moses calls together the people of Israel and offers a blessing on each tribe. He acknowledges that God loves the people. They dwell in God's safe, strong hands. They sit before God waiting to receive holy wisdom, as children before a wise teacher.

That's a picture of your relationship with God as well. God loves you. Protects you. Communes with you. And you listen for God's word for you.

It's a peaceful picture. It offers protection and strength and purpose for life. Bring that picture to mind today. See yourself resting on a lush hillside, gathered together with brothers and sisters, listening to the loving words of the One who holds you in powerful, warm hands.

Let that picture in your mind become reality in your heart as you spend time in prayer.