Peaceful Sleep

I fall asleep in peace
the moment I lie down
because you alone, O LORD,
enable me to live securely.
-Psalm 4:8

Having sleepless nights lately? You toss and turn. Fear, anxiety, and dread consume you. Your mind races uncontrollably.

You try everything to make it stop. But forcing it only makes it worse. Your brain screams for relief, your body aches with exhaustion. Next time, try praying this verse. Over and over if need be. Because it's a promise to those who trust in God. For God alone is able to protect and provide. Only God can offer you the care and comfort that you crave.

It worked for Israel's King David. At the lowest point of his life, running away in fear from his own rebellious son, he turned to his God in trust.

And he slept in peace. Because he knew God would enable him to rest securely.

Can you trust God that much today? God is able. God is willing. And God is waiting to hold you in strong, comforting arms.