Keeping America the Beautiful

Drawing from Ephesians 1 & 2, along with historic documents and American songs, Bill Self celebrated Independence Day with a challenge to the church to “Keep America Beautiful.” He said, “We have a stewardship of a gift that few people in the Christian faith have, and that is a nation that gives us the freedom to propagate the faith ... We are an exceptional people. We have the freedom to think and to be, to make it or not make it. The freedom to write and to speak ... We have an obligation as the church, not to remove ourselves from the civic life, but when we go into the civic life to be the people of Christ. ... We need a new kind of Christian. We need a new kind of commitment... A new church, the body of Christ, committed to one another and to Him ... doing the work God created us to do. That’s how we keep America beautiful.”

A transcription of this sermon is not available at this time.