Suggestions wanted: Online Formation Resources?

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We received an email from an Episcopal priest on the west coast who writes:

"Our church in an urban/suburban area and a commuter church. Like all churches we are losing the battle with post-modern culture in terms of attracting young families to attend Sunday services and programs. (They sign on but then cannot commit) As a result we have decided to put our Sunday School online, so our families can access when convenient to their schedule. We then have a once a month collective feast so they have opportunity to build community.

"The problem is we have found very little online to link. We are going to use a program in the UK but it is underdeveloped. My children, who do much of their homework online, expect not only home YouTube videos, but quality video and online gaming. I can find little of this with regards to any church....

"As I understand the church at the moment, a bold claim, there is a definite move to large resource churches and small home churches. Program and pastoral churches are on their way out. As we move towards a more online world both these types of churches are going to be looking for resources for their communities. Even as apps on their phones. Help!?"