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75th Anniversary Special with the Rev. Dr. Louis C. Schueddig

Tuesday August 11, 2020
In this first of a series of special programs celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Protestant Hour and Day1 weekly radio broadcast, the Rev. Dr. Skip Schueddig talks with host Peter Wallace about the program's history, and shares archival audio of some of the best preachers of the 20th century....

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Prominent leaders to address global hunger in special Day1 series

Day1 announces a special series commemorating the program's 65th Anniversary: "Faith & Global Hunger," featuring prominent leaders addressing the issue in light of the Millennium Development Goals.

NEWS: ‘Day 1’ Interim Leadership Team Announced

Thursday August 31, 2023
As Peter Wallace retires, Dr. Katie Givens Kime to serve as interim executive director.

David Howell: An Excerpt from His New Novel, "Buried Dreamer"

Friday May 05, 2023
Newly arrived from Scotland due to a shipwreck, the Reverend Charles Stuart and Samantha Stuart sit on the front porch of Claire McFadden's house in Kilmarnock, Virginia on November 4, 1849...

Mitch Carnell: Listening Is Hard Work

Wednesday September 21, 2022
Listening is hard work even under the best of circumstances. One must make a conscious effort to actively listen and not interrupt.

Mitch Carnell: Everyone Needs Encouragement

Wednesday August 17, 2022
Our families, friends and neighbors are hurting. They are struggling. After two years of the Coved virus, isolation, the difficulty of obtaining supplies, school and drive-by shootings and now inflation have converged to take the fight out of so many.

Mitch Carnell: We Can Change the Meanness

Friday June 17, 2022
How did we become so divided as a people? Where did we learn to hate those with whom we disagree?

Mitch Carnell: Show Respect for Those Who Disagree

Wednesday May 25, 2022
Say Something Nice Sunday is rooted in the words of scripture, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” There are great differences of opinion among Christians of all denominations. That fact alone should drive us to seek a more reasoned, respectful debate.

Robert R. LaRochelle: I Love the Church, I Hate the Church: Paradox or Contradiction?

Sunday March 06, 2022
Is it possible to, at one and the same time, both love the church and hate it as well? UCC minister Robert R. LaRochelle offers some insights on this conundrum in a new book.

David Howell: Tethered to an Appalachian Curse - Book Excerpt

Friday August 27, 2021
David Howell, who created and has programmed the Festival of Homiletics for years, offers an excerpt from his new book, "Tethered to an Appalachian Curse"...

Updated! Day1 event celebrates the life of C.T. Vivian on June 10

Friday June 04, 2021
The Alliance for Christian Media, producers of the Day1 radio and podcast program, will host a virtual event with noted panelists focusing on Dr. C. T. Vivian’s memoir "It's in the Action: Memoirs of a Non-Violent Warrior," released in March. The Zoom webinar will be Thursday, June 10, at 7:00 p.m. EDT. CNN's Don Lemon will moderate.

Mitch Carnell: Simple Rules for Better Communication

Tuesday June 01, 2021
As we begin to gather again and assemble in larger groups, “Say Something Nice Sunday” comes in time to remind us of some simple rules of engagement. We will be so happy to see each other again. The fifth-tenth annual event takes place on June 6th.

News from Day1: 13 Noted Church Leaders Join Day 1 Advisory Council

Tuesday May 11, 2021
“Day 1,” the nationally broadcast ecumenical radio program also accessible online at and by podcast, has expanded its Advisory Council with 13 noted pastors, professors, and church leaders.

Author Elizabeth Musser: Take a Trip on the Camino

Thursday March 04, 2021
What a privilege to share with you a little about my novel, The Promised Land, which takes place on the famed Camino, a pilgrimage throughout France and Spain. I’ll start out by answering some frequently asked questions. Here we go!

Francis X. Walter: Meeting Dr. King - An excerpt from "From Preaching to Meddling: A White Minister in the Civil Rights Movement"

Tuesday February 16, 2021
When people hear I was in the racial justice struggles of more than a half century ago—if they have any interest—they will often ask three questions: “Did you ever meet Dr. King?” “Were you ever in jail?” “Did you ever get shot at/beat up?”

C.T. Vivian: Powerful Preacher, Civil Rights Leader - Read an excerpt from his new Memoir, "It's in the Action"

Wednesday February 03, 2021
Read excerpts from It's in the Action: Memories of a Nonviolent Warrior, by C.T. Vivian with Steve Fiffer...

Terry Nightingale: Looking Back to Move Forward

Sunday January 10, 2021
Imagine listening to a long speech in a hot, dry, dusty wilderness in a place where you may not feel entirely safe. That sets the scene for the beginning of Deuteronomy, and it is where God wanted the children of Israel to look back and recall some painful memories and some home truths.

Mark Feldmeir: Racism - An Excerpt from "A HOUSE DIVIDED: Engaging the Issues through the Politics of Compassion"

Wednesday September 23, 2020
In this powerful excerpt from his new book, A HOUSE DIVIDED: Engaging the Issues through the Politics of Compassion (Chalice Press), Mark Feldmeir explores issues and axions surrounding racism today.

Mitch Carnell: COVID-19 Makes It Crucial to Be More Thoughtful with Your Words

Sunday May 31, 2020
The pandemic has brought extra urgency for “Say Something Nice Day” on June 1, and “Say Something Nice Sunday” on June 7.

Mitch Carnell: When Your Life Loses Its Luster, Become a Child Again

Saturday April 11, 2020
Two-year-old Robert, who knows nothing about the novel coronavirus, drew a rainbow on the street in front of my house. What a message he spread for all to see. “I am happy and well cared for. The world is a beautiful and exciting place. I know everything is OK. I’m loved. See, here’s my rainbow.”

Janet Cox, Ph.D.: 10 Tips For Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday April 07, 2020
Dr. Janet Cox, of Synapse, LLC summarizes the best ways to protect ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We hope they benefit you and your loved ones.

Duncan Newcomer: Abraham Lincoln - "Boys, Now I've Got You!" - Book Excerpt

Thursday March 05, 2020
“Boys, now I’ve got you” doesn’t sound too spiritual, does it? Yet Lincoln gleefully surprised his young friends in southern Indiana one day with these very words—words not found etched on the walls of the Lincoln Memorial. But who were these boys Lincoln had gotten? Enjoy this excerpt from Duncan Newcomer's book of meditations...

Lance Moore: Preaching on Quantum Physics?

Tuesday January 14, 2020
Quantum Theory seeks big cosmic truths by looking at the nature of the tiniest sub-atomic particles, which sometimes act in paradoxical ways. Can this speak to our view of God in the postmodern era?

Henry Carrigan: How Great Thou Art -- A Spiritual That Can Change Your Life (Excerpt)

Friday November 08, 2019
In his wonderful book, "Fifteen Spirituals That Will Change Your Life," author and musician Henry Carrigan takes a look at the meaning and power of beloved hymns, including "How Great Thou Art." Read an excerpt from his book here.

Welcome to the New!

Monday October 21, 2019
Welcome to the new website! Here's everything you need to know to get started accessing outstanding sermon content and audio and video resources to help you in your life and ministry.

Introducing FaithGoods!

Thursday April 11, 2019
Day1 presents our new website, where you can purchase quality apparel, accessories, books, and other resources to grow and share your faith--and support the Day1 ministry!

Mitch Carnell: Jimmy Carter's new book: "Faith, A Journey for All"

Wednesday June 20, 2018
One of my birthday presents this year was accompanied by a great compliment. My son gave me Jimmy Carter's new book, "Faith: A Journey for All," and said, "Dad, this sounds like you." It was an over-the-top compliment, but I sincerely hope that it is true.

Day1 Advisory Board Expands

Wednesday June 13, 2018
The Alliance for Christian Media, parent organization of the Day1 media ministry, recently announced that 21 new members have joined its advisory board effective June 2018. The advisory board is composed of well-known pastors, scholars, professors, and other church leaders.

Mitch Carnell: Complementarianism: A Separate-But-Equal Knockoff

Monday June 11, 2018
An article I read recently extoling the virtues of complementarianism nagged at me. It would not let me rest. Complementarianism is a religious construct that deals with the roles of gender. The message is evil at its center.

Mitch Carnell: Say Something Nice Sunday June 3 -- Join the Movement

Tuesday May 29, 2018
On June 3, all churches, all denominations and all faith groups are encouraged to join in the celebration of the 12th. Say Something Nice Sunday. Originating at First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina, the movement has gained followers from almost every denomination across the US and some in the UK.

Mitch Carnell: In Unkind Culture, Is There Still Something Nice to Say?

Tuesday April 03, 2018
I helped launch the Say Something Nice Day movement 13 years ago. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that the greatest barriers to our success would become a president of the United States and evangelical Christians who support his coarse way of communicating and his behavior.

Lon Allison: Billy Graham and Racial Justice--An Excerpt from "Billy Graham: An Ordinary Man and His Extraordinary God"

Thursday March 01, 2018
In this excerpt from his new book on Billy Graham, Lon Allison asks, "Did Billy Graham only preach the gospel of the new birth? Or did he and his organization also seek justice and the alleviation of need in our world?"

John Dominic Crossan and Sarah Sexton Crossan: In the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus

Tuesday February 13, 2018
In April of 2012, we are in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus to visit a series of frescoed churches from the 12th to 16th centuries””for, of course, their Anastasis images. There is also one separate icon that is very special for us because it was the image that first drew us to Cyprus.

The Rev. George L. Choyce: Excerpt from "The Potter's Wheel: How Epilepsy Changed My Life"

Monday December 18, 2017
In this excerpt from his new book 'The Potter's Wheel," which tells his story of moving through the stages of grief in dealing with epilepsy, Episcopal priest George Choyce shares insights about the stage of anger.

Dr. Matthew Boedy: How Sermons Responded to the 2016 Election

Monday November 27, 2017
Dr. Matthew Boedy, assistant professor of rhetoric/composition at the University of North Georgia, studied a broad range of sermons preached after the November 2016 election, with some fascinating insights.

Benjamin Corey: My "Aha" Moment - An Excerpt from the book, "Unafraid"

Friday November 24, 2017
Excerpted from UNAFRAID: MOVING BEYOND FEAR-BASED FAITH by Benjamin L. Corey. The most important moments in life are those small flashes that happen when something shifts in our thought processes, and we begin to see things differently. I cherish these reframing moments, because even though they may seem quick or insignificant, they actually change everything....

Mitch Carnell: In Shooting Aftermath, How Can Faith Infuse Our Daily Lives?

Tuesday November 21, 2017
I heard the devastating news of the shooting at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, when I returned home from church. The horror of that incident is almost too much to comprehend. How can a single individual harbor that much hate? I have no idea.

Brad S. Gregory - Rebel in the Ranks: Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the Conflicts That Continue to Shape Our World - EXCERPT

Friday October 20, 2017
An excerpt from Brad S. Gregory's new book, "Rebel in the Ranks: Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the Conflicts That Continue to Shape Our World"

Mitch Carnell: The Invisible Women - A Review

Sunday September 03, 2017
'The Invisible Women: Naming and Proclaiming the Forgotten Women in Scripture and Church Law' is a book of great consequence. Through Sister Sandra Makowski's superb writing, research and scholarship, the poor treatment of women in the Bible, lectionary and local church is brought to new light.

Jennifer Grant: When Did Everybody Else Get So Old? - Book Excerpt

Wednesday August 02, 2017
At the end of my street is a large park. When I walk there with my old dog Shiloh, I often use the time to pray for the people I love””and for the people I find difficult to love. I’ve assigned each person a spot””various trees, mostly””that serves as a prompt. Sometimes, though, when I walk there, I’m distracted or I talk to a friend on the phone or I just stomp out my bad mood on the gravel path as I circle the pond. When I’m tied in knots spiritually, I wonder whether my prayers are just thoughts blowing into the breeze.

Mitch Carnell: Combatting Hostile Rhetoric with Civil Speech

Friday May 12, 2017
Peter Gomes, the former minister of Memorial Church, said in a 2004 convocation address to the Harvard Divinity School, 'Silence is death, and we with our skills and talents have never been more needed than now.' His words were never more appropriate than now for those of us who strive for a more civil national and personal dialogue.

Jay Winter: The Crossed Hands of God--An Excerpt

Thursday April 06, 2017
April 6 marks the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entrance into WWI. This set of documents in this book describes facets of the First World War rarely addressed in American historical narratives. It covers the American involvement both in the fighting in northern France in the last five months of the war and as an occupying force in Germany in 1919.

Remember the Refugees and Migrants on Ash Wednesday

Wednesday March 01, 2017
A message from the leaders of The Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, and the Anglican Church of Canada.

Bishop Susan Johnson: Advent 4--Human Beings: Not for Sale

Sunday December 18, 2016
God calls us to join in God's holy work of liberation whether by providing comfort to those in need or by working to end unjust structures that continue to take away the human rights of God's beloved children.

Archbishop Fred Hilz: Advent 2--Creation: Not For Sale

Sunday December 04, 2016
In today’s Gospel reading we hear John the Baptist calling the crowds to repentance, to a turning around of their lives, to a turning to God. This turning must not be shallow, flaky, or fickle, but rather, deep, whole-hearted and unwavering.

Mitch Carnell: Temper Your Words, Open Your Heart

Tuesday November 01, 2016
Words are powerful. They have the power to build up or tear down, calm people down or stir them up.

Bishop Andy Doyle: The Future of Stewardship

Tuesday October 11, 2016
Theologically, stewardship has shifted from a call to possess land and give thanks to God, to the Church's right to oversee the governments of the world, to the divine right of kings, to noblesse oblige, and finally in the last century, arriving at a tithe of ten percent as the norm for Christian giving.

Social Justice and the Evangelical Church Today

Thursday September 29, 2016
An understanding of the rise, decline, and reinvigoration of institutions in the history of the Christian West, with special attention to the role of the church in relation to worldly authority, is necessary to properly orient a discussion of the church’s social responsibility today. An excerpt from 'The Church’s Social Responsibility: Reflections on Evangelicalism and Social Justice,' a new book edited by Jordan J. Ballor and Robert Joustra.

Making Peace with the Earth by Grace Ji sun Kim

Tuesday September 20, 2016
The greatest untapped natural resource for addressing the world’s most pressing problems is the energy of religiously committed people. This volume gathers the expertise of activists, theologians and faith-based organizations to inspire and encourage churches and church people everywhere in grassroots work and advocacy for climate justice.

Finding Life in the Movements of Human Suffering, Pain, and Loss by Jeffrey C. Tucker

Friday September 02, 2016
What if you were to look at human suffering, pain, and loss with another lens? Not as something that you merely make it through but as something that you move around within. Jeffrey Tucker explores suffering in new ways, challenging our existing beliefs and theologies while offering a healthier and more helpful approach to viewing ourselves, our faith, and others in the face of suffering. Here is an excerpt.

Robin Blair: Helping Young People Lift Their Voices for the Common Good

Wednesday August 24, 2016
Introducing 'Common Good Radio.' In the world where messages are raw and unedited or scripted for a specific purpose for a news cycle or election year, we believe young people must be empowered to know that their voice counts on matters of how we are connected in the human community.

Presidential Candidates Challenged for the Tenth Anniversary of Say Something Nice Sunday

Tuesday May 31, 2016
For the 10th Anniversary observance of Say Something Nice Sunday on June 5 2016, the steering committee sent a letter to each of the presidential candidates asking her or him to take a pledge of civility for either Say Something Nice Day on June 1 or Say Something Nice Sunday on June 5th.

Tom Sine: LIVE LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN! Join the Changemaking Celebration - An Excerpt

Wednesday May 25, 2016
I believe the Spirit of God may well be using the lives of young social innovators, who are largely outside the church, to entice and challenge those of us in the churches to become much more a part of this remarkable new movement that is making such a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Noah & Biodiversity: An Excerpt from "Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change" by Stephen A. Jurovics

Friday April 22, 2016
The flood episode represents a new beginning for the earth, one that will be launched by those on board the ark. If we contrast the blessing God gave to Noah and his sons with the blessing in Genesis 1 given to the first humans, we find a striking difference.

Mitch Carnell: The Most Effective Thing You Can Do While Ministering

Friday March 18, 2016
The ability to communicate is a gift. We can bless others with this gift by using it to heal, to build up and not to harm. Conversely, we can use it to tear down, to harm and to destroy relationships.

Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism By Drew Hart - An Excerpt

Friday March 04, 2016
What if racial reconciliation doesn’t look like what you expected? What if all Christians listened to the stories of those on the racialized margins? How might the church be changed by the trouble we’ve seen? An excerpt from the new book, "Trouble I've Seen" by Drew Hart...

Day 1 Benefit Honors 2016 Community Leaders of Faith

Wednesday March 02, 2016
The Day 1 annual benefit Tuesday, March 15, will honor 11 Atlanta area leaders well known for their commitment to the good of the community and deeply committed to their church and Christian faith. The event supports the Day1 ecumenical radio and internet ministry (formerly known as The Protestant Hour) which has broadcast sermons by outstanding preachers from the mainline denominations for over 70 years.

Mitch Carnell: What Writing a Spiritual Autobiography Taught Me

Tuesday March 01, 2016
When I started writing Our Father: Discovering Family, I had two questions in mind stemming from an amazing, eye-opening, soul-stretching experience I had at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. How did my spiritual development bring me to this point from where I started life in a small provincial town in South Carolina during the days of racial segregation? And, What am I to do with the remaining years of my life?

Norma Cook Everist: From Bondage to Freedom--An Excerpt from '70 Images of Grace in the Epistles'

Saturday December 19, 2015
Christ leads us from bondage to freedom through his death and resurrection. Captivity/Freedom is a major image of grace in the Epistles. We have been set free from the bondage of sin which changes our lives in personal and communal, private and public ways.

Church Planter Invites All to the Table - International Day of People with Disabilities

Thursday December 03, 2015
With the support of the Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church, Don Geller has planted a new church. In this church, those with differing abilities will be welcomed into a unique worship experience designed specifically for them.

Jack Hansen & Jerry Haas: The Personal Elements of Retirement

Tuesday November 10, 2015
Thanks to the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web, we live in a time and place where the character of the national conversation on retirement can be easily evaluated. But there are personal and spiritual dimensions of retirement that need to be addressed

Mythologizing Jesus by Dennis R. McDonald - An Excerpt

Wednesday October 28, 2015
The gods and goddesses of the Greeks walked on water, flew through the air, visited the land of the dead, and lived forever. They possessed superhuman knowledge, skills, and strength, and this is how they appeared already in the earliest literature of the Greeks. Ancient Christians told similar stories about Jesus, their primary superhero.

United Methodist Communications celebrates 75 years of communicating faith

Friday October 02, 2015
October 1, 2015, marks three-quarters of a century since the first national church communications office of The Methodist Church opened in New York in 1940 – an office that was to become United Methodist Communications, the global communications agency of The United Methodist Church.

Day1 Radio Ministry Announces Expanded Advisory Board

Thursday October 01, 2015
The Alliance for Christian Media, parent organization of the “Day 1” the media ministry, recently announced that 24 new members will join 25 current members of its advisory board effective Oct. 1, 2015. The expanded advisory board, made up of well-known pastors, scholars, and professors, is chaired by the Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long.

Nancy Taylor: A Prayer For Historic Emanuel AME Church Of Charleston, SC

Friday June 19, 2015
Nancy Taylor: A Prayer For Historic Emanuel AME Church Of Charleston, SC...

Mitch Carnell: Encouraging Christ-Like Speech

Tuesday May 12, 2015
As we prepare to celebrate the Ninth Annual Say Something Nice Sunday on June 1, it is a great opportunity to reflect on our progress.

Gary Hall: Why Gun Violence Is a Religious Problem - An Excerpt from "Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace"

Friday May 01, 2015
In this excerpt from "Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace: Challenging the Epidemic of Gun Violence" (edited by Sharon Ely Pearson), National Cathedral Dean Gary Hall writes: "When people complain that activism to eliminate gun violence is political and that preachers should get back to religion and leave politics to others, I have two responses. One is about the nature of public life. The other is about the nature of public church."

Robin Hammeal-Urban: Wholeness After Betrayal: Restoring Trust in the Wake of Misconduct (Excerpt)

Tuesday April 21, 2015
In the wake of misconduct by trusted clergy and lay leaders, members of congregations find themselves adrift. Often there are deep divisions within the church and open, direct, honest communication ceases. _Wholeness After Betrayal _offers an understanding of these dynamics and a process to help members take the first steps toward reconciling relationships with one another.

Day 1 70th Anniversary Benefit Honors 2015 Community Leaders of Faith

Saturday March 28, 2015
The Day 1 annual benefit on Tuesday, March 17, honored eight Atlanta area leaders who are well known for their commitment to the good of the community and who also are deeply committed to their church and Christian faith.

Plan Now for "Say Something Nice Sunday"

Thursday February 05, 2015
The Eighth Annual Say Something Nice Sunday is June 07, 2015. It is a day to celebrate the people who bring joy to our lives. The goal is to turn down the harsh rhetoric and to replace it with speech that is affirming, uplifting and more Christ-like.

Auburn Seminary: Need to talk about race, Eric Garner & the growing national outcry? Check out these resources

Thursday December 04, 2014
By Macky Alston, Auburn Seminary: It’s Thursday. I can imagine that many of you are gathering your thoughts, knowing that your community members and the media look to you for guidance to help them understand and respond to the growing outcry all across this nation in the face of yesterday’s news that there will be no indictment of the police officer who killed Eric Garner.

Auburn Seminary: Resources for Talking About Ferguson

Tuesday November 25, 2014
By Macky Alson, Auburn Seminary: I can imagine that you are preparing to preach and teach on the Ferguson verdict, so I have pulled together some resources linked and excerpted here that may be of help.

NEWS: Sue Haupert-Johnson to preach on Day 1

Tuesday October 28, 2014
The Rev. Sue Haupert-Johnson, district superintendent of the North Central District of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, is the featured preacher Nov. 23 and Nov. 30 on Day 1 with host Peter Wallace.

A Pastoral Message on Climate Change

Wednesday September 24, 2014
The following Pastoral Message on Climate Change has been issued by the heads for the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Bishops on the Border: An Excerpt by Mark Adams

Friday September 12, 2014
'Bishops on the Border' is an ecumenical examination of immigration issues drawn from engaging, first-person narratives. A group of bishops (Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and United Methodist), all based along the US-Mexico border, found common ground to jointly address some key immigration issues. They worked together on behalf of local immigrant populations to address theological and pastoral concerns””and prayed for those whose lives were being directly affected.

Pastor Kurt Lammi: An Encouraging Word

Friday May 16, 2014
I serve as a pastor, and just about every day I receive some kind of mail at the office that basically says, 'You're not doing church right.' Or maybe it’s not in the mail that day but in some online article or some social media discussion. Or maybe it’s a book that I hear about. Or maybe it’s from other church leaders in the area. However it comes, the message seems to be the same.

Rosalynn Carter, Bevel Jones, Among Honorees at 2014 Day1 Benefit

Wednesday March 19, 2014
Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter received the Day1 Pioneer Award in Christian Service at the Day1 ministry’s annual benefit on Tuesday, March 18, at a private club in Atlanta. For the sixth year the event honored several leaders who are well known for their commitment to the good of the community, and who also are deeply committed to their church and Christian faith.

A Call to Peace and Prayer for Ukraine

Wednesday March 05, 2014
The heads of The Episcopal Church of the Anglican Church of Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada unite in issuing a call to peace and prayer for Ukraine.

Lent Madness 2014

Sunday March 02, 2014
What do you get when you combine a love of sports with a love of saints? Lent Madness, of course. The world’s most popular Lenten devotion returns for its fifth year of teaching people about saints in its inimitable, occasionally irreverent, way.

Coach Dan Reeves to speak at Day1 Prayer Breakfast Feb. 13

Thursday January 23, 2014
NFL Coach Dan Reeves, an active layperson, will present an inspiring message at the Day1 Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, Feb. 13, at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Thomas Kemper: Meet us at the bridge: Givers come from all faiths

Monday December 02, 2013
Tuesday is designated as #GivingTuesday, an online campaign to remind us that this is a season of giving.

Elizabeth Eaton installed as ELCA presiding bishop

Thursday October 10, 2013
Marking a new, historic season of ministry in the life of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), more than 1,500 people gathered Oct. 5 at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel here for the installation of the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton as ELCA presiding bishop. Eaton is the ELCA's fourth presiding bishop and the first woman to lead the 4 million-member church. She will assume office Nov. 1.

S.D. Giere: An Invitation to

Thursday August 29, 2013
Preaching is no easy thing. Listening to preaching is no easy thing either. As one who is a preacher, a listener, and a teacher of preachers, I have the good pleasure of experiencing this thing called preaching from a variety of vantage points: from the pulpit, from the pew, and in the classroom.

Here Am I, Send Me: The Story of Jonathan Daniels - A Streaming Video Event

Wednesday August 07, 2013 presents Here Am I, Send Me: The Story of Jonathan Daniels. This award-winning production from the Episcopal Media Center is available to watch online in anticipation of his feast day August 14.

It's Moving Day at Day1!

Tuesday July 30, 2013
Day1 is moving this week to its new offices and studio. Get all the information, and please consider giving to our matching grant campaign to cover our studio construction and moving costs.

Iona: A Celtic Pilgrimage

Sunday May 19, 2013
Celtic Christianity celebrates the 1,450th anniversary of Columba’s Iona. Matthew Davies of the Episcopal News Service offers a video and text report.

New Beginnings at Day1: Please Support This Unique Ministry

Tuesday April 23, 2013
This is a time of new beginnings for Day1. Check out what's happening, and please support this unique ministry during our Spring Campaign! Thank you.

Day1 2013 Benefit to Honor Community Leaders of Faith

Monday March 04, 2013
The Day1 ministry will hold its annual benefit banquet on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at the Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta at 6:30 p.m. For the fifth year the event will honor leaders in the Atlanta area who are well known for their commitment to the good of the community, but who may not have been recognized for their deep commitment to their church and the religious community.

Day1 News: Host Peter Wallace's new book explores a passionate Jesus

Monday November 19, 2012
Day1 host and producer Peter Wallace has a new book exploring the emotions of Jesus in the gospels, revealing what we can learn from Jesus about love, fear, grief, joy and living authentically.

Jason Alfonse Fileta: Micah's Challenge to the Next President

Wednesday September 26, 2012
In this special Day1 blog, Jason Fileta writes that though millions of people around the world living in extreme poverty will be affected by our next President's decisions neither candidate has said how they will tackle the issue.

Jason Fileta: Advocacy as Christian Stewardship?

Monday September 17, 2012
In this second special blog post, Micah Challenge USA director Jason Alfonse Fileta offers a biblical challenge to the next president.

Jason Fileta: Christian Advocacy: Lessons from Moses

Monday September 10, 2012
In this special Day1 blog, Jason Alfonse Fileta, Director of Micah Challenge USA, shares timely thoughts about Christian advocacy and encourages action to inform the presidential election.

David Felten & Jeff Procter-Murphy: Living the Questions (An Excerpt)

Friday August 31, 2012
In this excerpt from their new book, Felten and Procter-Murphy write: On any authentic spiritual journey, asking the hard questions is not only permitted, but necessary! What we learn along the way, through difficulties and disequilibrium, mistakes and challenges, discoveries and unlearnings, is that the process is what’s important

Amy-Jill Levine & Douglas Knight: The Meaning of the Bible (An Excerpt)

Friday August 24, 2012
The Bible is many things to many people””an ancient literary masterpiece, a cultural artifact, an authoritative scripture for Judaism and Christianity, even a weapon in the culture wars. Scholars Amy-Jill Levine and Douglas Knight share an introductory excerpt from their book, "The Meaning of the Bible" (HarperOne).

ELCA Celebrates 25 Years in 2013

Friday August 17, 2012
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary beginning January 2013. Under the theme, "Always being made new" the 4.2 million-member church will embark on a year-long reflection on the people and events that have shaped this church and the life-changing ministries across the United States and overseas.

Clarence Jordan at 100: An Influential Soul

Saturday July 28, 2012
Clarence Jordan would have been 100 years old on Sunday, July 29. To say that he was a Christian is at the same time an understatement and the truth. Read this special remembrance by Chris Johnson at the Fuller Center for Housing.

Day1 Executive Director Skip Schueddig Given Honorary Doctorate by VTS

Monday May 21, 2012
The Rev. Canon Louis "Skip" Schueddig, executive director of Day1 and the Alliance for Christian Media, has been given an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Virginia Theological Seminary.

Day1 Blog: Dr. Mary Hess and the Religion & Media Blog Tour

Tuesday May 01, 2012
In a special Day1 Blog in association with Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg's Religion & Media Blog Tour, Dr. Mary Hess answers questions exploring how religion and media intersect. Please answer her question for you!

Walter Grant: Three Good Friday Meditations

Friday April 06, 2012
Walter Grant, an active Baptist layperson and a trustee of the Alliance for Christian Media, offers three Good Friday meditations on three of Jesus' last words.

NEWS: Peter Wallace Elected President of Alliance for Christian Media

Tuesday January 10, 2012
The producer and host of Day1, Peter Wallace, was elected president of the Alliance for Christian Media effective January 1.

Annual Day1 Benefit to Honor Six Community Leaders of Faith

Sunday January 08, 2012
The annual Day1 benefit event will be held Tuesday, Feb. 28, at the Piedmont Driving Club. Six community leaders of faith will be honored. Plan now to attend!

Day1 Channel Now on "Call on Faith" Smartphone App

Friday June 24, 2011
The "Call on Faith" smartphone app from Odyssey Networks--with compelling videos on a variety of spiritual topics--now features the Day1 Channel!

"Protestant Hour" Archives Restoration Underway

Tuesday April 19, 2011
Crawford Media Services is now at work digitizing and restoring "Protestant Hour" recordings from the 1950s through the 1990s. We still need your help to complete this vital project!

News: 'Young Leaders of the Church' Series Set for May on Day1

Thursday March 31, 2011
"Day 1" will broadcast its first ever "Young Leaders of the Church" series during five weeks in May, featuring sermons from up-and-coming ministers and commentaries from other young adults.

Dr. Billy Cox: My Heroes from the Past

Saturday February 26, 2011
What makes a true hero? In this special Day1 blog post, the Rev. Dr. Billy Cox, retired United Methodist minister in Kentucky, shares the characteristics that have been important to him over the years.

2011 Day1 Benefit to Honor Community Leaders of Faith

Friday February 11, 2011
The 2011 Alliance for Christian Media/Day1 Benefit, to be held March 1 at the Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, will honor community leaders of faith.

'Day1' Receives Production Grant from Odyssey Networks

Friday February 04, 2011
Odyssey Networks, a multi-faith media organization, has granted the Alliance for Christian Media $15,000 to produce a series of short-form videos for use on the web and on Odyssey’s smartphone app, “Call on Faith.”

Day1 in the News: Read the Spirit

Thursday August 26, 2010
David Crumm, writer/producer of, spoke with Day1's Peter Wallace and Louis Schueddig about the mission and work of the voice of the mainline churches.

NEWS: Historic "Protestant Hour" Archives to Be Restored

Monday August 02, 2010
Lilly Endowment Inc. of Indianapolis has granted the Alliance for Christian Media $150,000 to complete the restoration of Protestant Hour radio programs from 1945-1995.

Festival of Homiletics: Nashville Update--Please Pray and Help

Tuesday May 04, 2010
Whether or not you're planning on attending the Festival of Homiletics this May 17-21 in Nashville, here's an update on the flooding there and how you can help.

Day1 65th Anniversary Event - Speech by Dr. Thomas Lane Butts

Thursday March 04, 2010
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts, minister emeritus of First United Methodist Church, Monroeville, AL, and a regular blogger at, shares a bit of the history and the future of this unique ecumenical media ministry.

Day1 Benefit Honored Atlanta Community Leaders of Faith

Thursday March 04, 2010
Event is on! Day1 and the Alliance for Christian Media present their annual benefit dinner, join us to celebrate 65 years of our ministry!

NEW! Rev. John R. Gunn's "Be Still and Know" Collection

Wednesday January 20, 2010
The Rev. John R. Gunn, and the collection of brilliant Be Still and Know material, has recently been added to! Please take a moment and check out this historical collection!

A Fresh Face in the New Year

Wednesday January 13, 2010
Updates for the new year from!

Oddysey Networks: Preview of Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

Thursday December 03, 2009
Day1 partner Oddysey Networks is covering the faith perspective at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Join Odyssey Networks as we report on the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Support Day1! The Day1 Camera Campaign

Wednesday November 04, 2009
Day1 needs your help to improve the videos you see on! Please donate today to help us raise $500 to buy new video cameras.

Suggestions wanted: Online Formation Resources?

Friday October 30, 2009
A minister asks for recommendations of quality resources that can be used online or as phone apps for Sunday school and spiritual formation. Can you help?

Alliance for Christian Media Produces Day by Day Audiobook with Bishop Frederick Borsch

Thursday October 29, 2009
Bishop Frederick Borsch uses the life of Richard of Chichester to illuminate and guide us as we seek day by day to see more clearly, love more dearly and follow God more nearly.

Day1 User Commenting

Friday October 16, 2009 has just released a new commenting feature that allows our users the ability to converse and share thoughts about sermons, videos and other content on the Day1 website.

NEWS: Alliance options film rights to C. S. Lewis' "Great Divorce"

Wednesday October 14, 2009
The Alliance for Christian Media, parent organization of Day1, has optioned the film rights to C. S. Lewis' "The Great Divorce" to Beloved Pictures.

Dr. Ernest Arnold, former PRTVC president, dies

Friday September 18, 2009
Dr. Ernest Arnold, longtime president of the Protestant Radio & Television Center (predecessor of the Alliance for Christian Media), has died at age 96.

Dr. John Killinger: Preaching on the Healthcare Issue

Thursday August 27, 2009
In this special Day1 blog, noted author and preacher Dr. John Killinger encourages preachers to address the health care debate in their pulpits.

John Izard, Day1 trustee, passes

Monday July 13, 2009
The obituary of Jack Izard, a leader in the Atlanta community and long-time trustee of the Alliance for Christian Media.

Peter Wallace interviewed by David Crumm

Wednesday June 17, 2009
One of America's most popular inspirational voices””Peter Wallace of the Day1 radio network””talks with us about his new book on Psalms, "Connected."

Day1 network surpasses 200 stations

Tuesday May 12, 2009
The Day1 radio network has grown to over 200 outlets in the U.S. and around the world in the past month--a 33% increase.

Congregational Planning for a Flu Pandemic

Thursday April 30, 2009
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has put together some helpful guidelines for congregations to consider following in the face of the potential flu pandemic.

Video by Day1

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Peter Wallace Presents the Day1 Ministry and a Brief History of The Protestant Hour

Friday June 02, 2023
Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta, home base of the Day1 ministry, invited producer and host Peter Wallace to share about the ministry. He also provides a brief history of great preaching on the Protestant Hour and Day1 with audio clips.

Day1 Zoom Webinar Celebrating the Life and Legacy of C. T. Vivian

Wednesday June 16, 2021
Day1 presents a challenging and timely conversation on the life and legacy of the late Civil Rights leader and powerful preacher, Dr. C. T. Vivian. CNN's Don Lemon moderates a panel with Dr. Bernice King, Ambassador Andrew Young, son Al Vivan, and Steve Fiffer.

Day1 Salon: Tailgating with Coach Bill Curry

Friday August 28, 2020
Enjoy this Day1 Salon with acclaimed NFL player, college football coach, ESPN analyst, and author, Coach Bill Curry! Bill presents an inspiring message and answers questions from participants.

Day1 Salon with NextGen Preachers

Tuesday July 16, 2019
Day1 gathered 7 next generation pastors and church leaders to discuss where the church is heading. Moderated by the Rev. Chris Henry, the other participants are the Rev. Palmer Cantler, the Rev. Brandon Duke, the Rev. Lauren Holder, the Rev. Victoria Lawson, the Rev. Rob Lee, and the Rev. Joshua Scott, with Peter Wallace--Day1 host and producer--introducing.

Day1 Honors the Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long

Tuesday April 25, 2017
Tom Long is a 2017 Day1 Community Leader of Faith. Tom Long is the Bandy Professor of Preaching Emeritus at Candler School of Theology at Emory University. A Presbyterian minister, he is internationally renowned as one of the best preachers of his time. He has taught preaching for over 40 years, at Erskine Theological Seminary, Columbia Theological Seminary, and Candler. He has written dozens of books and served as senior editor of the New Interpreter’s Bible and editor of Theology Today, as well as other journals. He has served as the chair of the Day1 Advisory Board since its inception 15 years ago.

Day1 Honors John Schuerholz

Tuesday April 18, 2017
John Schuerholz is a 2017 Day1 Community Leader of Faith. John was the longtime general manager of the Atlanta Braves and became president after the 2007 season. He is a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Atlanta.

Day1 Honors Margaret Graff and Richard Higgins

Tuesday April 11, 2017
Margaret Graff and Richard Higgins are 2017 Day1 Community Leaders of Faith. They lead the Mundito Foundation based in Atlanta.

Day1 Honors the Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery

Tuesday April 04, 2017
Dr. Joe Lowery is a 2017 Day1 Community Leader of Faith. He is a founding member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and an icon of nonviolent activism for Civil Rights. Watch this brief interview with Dr. Lowery.

“Make A Joyful Noise”: Renaissance Art and Music at Florence Cathedral

Wednesday November 12, 2014
Three marble panels from Italian sculptor Luca della Robbia’s famed organ loft created for Florence Cathedral traveled to the U.S. for the first time for this exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA

Day1 Prayer Breakfast with Coach Bill Curry

Monday April 28, 2014
Watch nationally known coach and active churchman Coach Bill Curry present an inspiring message at the April Day1 Prayer Breakfast, with host Peter Wallace, Dr. Dock Hollingsworth, and the Rev. Canon Carolynne Williams.

Day1 Prayer Breakfast with Bishop Rob Wright, Dean Jan Love and More

Monday September 23, 2013
Watch the recent Day1 Prayer Breakfast program with Day1 host Peter Wallace, Dr. Charles Qualls and Dr. Dock Hollingsworth of Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church, Dr. Jan Love of Candler School of Theology, and speaker the Right Rev. Robert Wright, Bishop of Atlanta.

Where is the Church heading? - Praxis 21 Conference

Monday August 27, 2012
Peter Wallace asks the question on everyones mind at the entrepreneurially-minded Praxis 21 conference this year: Where is the Church headed? Including numerous viewpoints from an array of denominations, we found a great deal of hope mixed in with some hard reality.

Here Am I, Send Me: The Story of Jonathan Daniels

Tuesday August 14, 2012
In this award winning documentary we explore the life of a modern Christian martyr who gave his life bravely defending a young woman in Alabama during the civil rights era.

The Rev. Reginald Sharpe - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

Wednesday February 02, 2011
The Rev. Reginald Sharpe, a preacher for four years at the age of 19, joins Peter Wallace to discuss his very early calling as a preacher as he gathered his stuffed animals and action figures for church at a young age, and what all has inspired his young voice.

Jake Joseph - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

Tuesday February 01, 2011
Jake Joseph sits down with Day1 host Peter Wallace for a special edition interview from the Festival of Young Preachers in Louisville, KY. Put on by the Academy of Preaching the festival is meant to showcase and inspire youthful voices in the church.

Adam Graham - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

Monday January 31, 2011
Aspiring preacher Adam Graham sits down for one of three special edition interviews from the Festival of Young Preachers in Louisville, KY.

The Rev. Dominique Robinson & Dr. Teresa Fry Brown - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

Friday January 21, 2011
Host Peter Wallace traveled to Louisville, KY for the Festival of Young Preachers and spoke with the Rev. Dominique Robinson about the challenges and fears of being a young preacher, the path that brought her to the ministry, and the people that helped her find her way. Also joining the discussion is the Rev. Dr. Teresa Fry Brown, a mentor to Dominique and professor of preaching at Emory's Candler School of Theology.

The Rev. Dr. Dwight Moody - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

Friday January 14, 2011
In a special edition of Day1 Conversations host Peter Wallace takes a journey to the Festival of Young Preachers in Louisville, Kentucky, being hosted by the Academy of Preaching and our guest Rev. Dr. Dwight A. Moody. Peter and Rev. Moody discuss a wide range of topics focused on the future of preaching, the young minds that will make that future, and the festival bringing together those young minds in an educational, fun and ecumenical experience.

Life's Turning Points - Day1 Diner with Rev. Otis Moss III

Friday September 11, 2009
How should you respond when a major crisis shatters your life? The Day1 Diner team offers biblical truths and practical insights to help you prepare.

Radio by Day1

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The Rev. Dr. John Vannorsdall: "Come and Have Breakfast" - A Protestant Hour Easter Message

Tuesday April 07, 2020
The Rev. Dr. John Vannorsdall, Lutheran pastor and chaplain at Yale University and Gettysburg Seminary, was the Protestant Hour's regular Lutheran preacher from 1976 until 1990. He passed away earlier this week. We remember him and his astounding impact on the church with a presentation of his Easter sermon originally airing April 6, 1980. May he rest in peace.

Special 70th Anniversary Day1 Program--Extended Version Podcast

Wednesday July 08, 2015
On this special program celebrating 70 years of faithful weekly broadcasts, the Rev. Dr. Louis C. Schueddig and host Peter Wallace review the history and impact of The Protestant Hour and present excerpts from some of its most influential preachers.