Jason Alfonse Fileta: Micah's Challenge to the Next President

We are officially in the heat of the election.  Secret videos, name calling, and robocalls are all queued up.  I feel saturated with promises, discouraged at the disunity in our nation, and tempted to just ignore it all.  Here is what keeps my attention: Though millions of people around the world living in extreme poverty will be affected by our next President's decisions neither candidate has said how they will tackle the issue.  Recently, in addressing the circle of protection both Governor Romney and President Obama addressed domestic poverty and hunger, however, there was a massive hole in their speeches; global poverty. 

What happens in the White House affects everyone's house--even in a rural village halfway around the world. President Bush showed us the impact a US president can have on the global poor--last year alone 3.9 million people with HIV/AIDS received life-saving anti retroviral therapy because of the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  These are 3.9 million people alive today because of poverty focused development aid, and who must continue to receive support.  The recipients of this assistance cannot vote in our election to ensure that they continue receiving life saving support---that's where you come in!

"Micah's Challenge to Our Next President" is a national grassroots effort of Christ followers lending their voices to people in extreme poverty.  We are proclaiming our Christ centered concern for people in extreme poverty, and urging our next President to share that concern.  Add your voice at http://www.micahchallengeusa.org/lend-your-voice

Visit www.micahchallengeusa.org/challenge for resources, videos, church tools, and more to help engage your community!