New Beginnings at Day1: Please Support This Unique Ministry

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As we celebrate Jesus' resurrection every spring, I can't help but think of new beginnings. I'd like to share some of the new beginnings underway at Day1. In this time of change, please prayerfully consider giving generously to enable this unique ministry to grow even more.

As you may know, our longtime president, the Rev. Canon Louis "Skip" Schueddig, D.D., retires in May after 30 years of effective leadership. Skip will continue to advise in a variety of ways, primarily in organizing the vast "Protestant Hour" archive, which we'll make available in the months ahead online. And so we begin afresh with new leadership.

Later this year, we'll be moving our offices and studio. After spending 12 wonderful years on the campus of All Saints' Episcopal Church, we look forward to a new chapter of efficient, effective ministry-and we'll keep you posted. And so we begin afresh in a new home.

At the same time, we're working behind the scenes to rebuild our website, so that all our extensive, trustworthy audio, video, and text content, featuring exceptional church leaders, will be easier to use from any platform-via the web, smartphones and tablets, and applications. And so we begin afresh with new resources for you.

What's new in your life? Do you see the changes you face as a way God is encouraging you to grow in faith? That's our prayer for our 68-year-old ministry, which we hope stays as fresh and current as possible. And it's also our prayer for you.

So please consider making a generous donation to Day1 this spring. Our radio program has been broadcast every week for 68 years, yet we firmly believe that our future is bright, and the positive word our preachers proclaim is needed more than ever.

Your donation allows the Good News to be heard all over the U.S. and around the world. We are grateful for your support, and pledge to continue to be good stewards of your trust.


Please click here to make a contribution to Day1