Robin Blair: Helping Young People Lift Their Voices for the Common Good


Helping Young People Lift Their Voices for the Common Good

In the world where messages are raw and unedited or scripted for a specific purpose for a news cycle or election year, we believe young people must be empowered to know that their voice counts on matters of how we are connected in the human community.   We believe it is the responsibility of each generation to speak to the next of the common good, enabling faith, hope, love and kindness as ties that bind.  In a media-saturated culture with access to the hearts and minds of young people who are shaping meaning in their lives daily, we recognize media messages are not always geared to uplift, empower or affirm the common good; through Common Good Radio we aim to be a part of the effort that is.

We offer a forum and programming opportunity that stands in resistance to the violence that fills airwaves and web streams, to affirm there is more than violence in problem solving, in human relationships and between institutions. We believe in lifting positive messages in music and story surrounded by the voices of children, youth, and adults to affirm the human connection of hope.

Part of this hope is the simple notion that we have a responsibility to empower young people to seek faith and spirituality.   Common Good has created programming for children to speak out and be heard.  In so doing, they listen to one another and the world around them.  Spiritual truth is powerful in the hearts of young people.   We also hope that these programs will help us all learn about the positive uses of digital culture. 

Common Good Radio is Internet radio for kids and by kids with music and story filling spaces between their voices.  All content has been individually vetted to assure air time is free of sexualization of the human condition, free of violence, free of intolerance for diversity, and free of the exploitation that permeates our culture.   Common Good Radio's award-winning programming includes podcasts that provide spiritual care for families, blessings from parents and clergypersons, and parenting helps from experts all over the USA. The Kindness Project, where kids talk about what being kind looks and feels like, and Truth, Time and Space, where youth speak their spiritual truths, earning the Best of Class Award and First Place awards at the 2016 United Methodist Association of Communicators International Conference are regular features on Common Good Radio.

The audio format is not only acceptable and affordable as an invitation to young people to share, but it is also an equalizer that provides a voice without exploitation of young lives.   Ella, 10, shares that she believes kindness is, "when my brother makes sure I get on the bus before his bus shows up,"  we have a moment of real life where the spirit moves and is noticed and, Ella's privacy is not compromised.   Her voice is heard.  When the Pastor in South Africa or Alaska shares a blessing, we all receive it with grace and are reminded that hope is real without boundaries of country, gender, ethnicity or any boundaries at all.

Grateful for this moment on Day1 to share our project with you, Common Good Radio invites the youth in your community to join the movement.  Do the youngsters in your congregations, schools, scouting troops, and boys/girls clubs have something to say and be?  Let us help you lift it up for the common good.  With the simplicity of smartphone recording, the children you love can write, speak, reflect, record, and edit spiritual messages for your website and send them to be programmed into the music and talk heard in over sixty countries.  Your young people can study kindness or peace and tell us what they think.  They can go deep into the notion of generosity and tell us what it looks like from a scriptural interpretation or in the world from their view.  They can consider what loyalty really means and speak it into the microphone.  Capture the adventure and enthusiasm of your youth as they explore their faith journey through the creation of digital radio programs.  Find out how to submit your recording at or send inquiries to



Rev. Robin Blair, DMin, Founder Common Good Radio

Pastor Della Ludwig, MA, Marketing Volunteer