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A place for mainline Christian media.

Tuned in for three quarters of a century.

Founded in 1945 originally as The Episcopal Radio and TV Foundation and the Protestant Radio & Television Center, the Alliance for Christian Media has been instrumental in broadcasting the acclaimed Protestant Hour (now Day1) radio programs as well as producing Emmy-winning TV programming such as The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Shadowlands.

The Alliance for Christian Media is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the parent organization of Day1 Radio and, the Episcopal Media Center, and

Our vision and mission…

The Mission of the Alliance for Christian Media is to deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ to Christian believers and those curious about the Christian faith, through traditional and emerging forms of communication.

Our Vision: The Alliance for Christian Media envisions a world where the Good News of Christianity is accessible to all.


  • We honor and seek to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the historic mainline Protestant churches of the United States.
  • We recognize the church has a primary responsibility to proclaim the good news to those outside its membership.
  • We believe a strategic way to spread the good news is through communications technologies such as radio, television, the Internet, podcasting, and related new media.
  • We value the highest standards of excellence in all programs we produce.
  • We focus on content first, technology second.
  • We value our independence from official church bodies but seek partnerships with them in fulfillment of our mission.
  • We value the diversity of our denominational voices.
  • We value an expression of the good news that promotes the nexus of faith and action.


  • We build upon a 75-year tradition of excellence in programming.
  • We assume growing recognition of the Day1 brand.
  • We assume a strong management team, strong support staff and a strong Board of Trustees.
  • We assume state-of-the-art audio production facilities.
  • We assume a unique niche exists for our mission.
  • We assume and value hundreds of faithful donors who contribute financially to support the mission of the Alliance and we believe we have a strong case for support.
  • We have a strong financial balance sheet and an endowment fund that protects us from operating out of fear and panic.

About the Merger that Created the Alliance

In 2004 two historic organizations, the Episcopal Media Center and Day1 Radio, joined together in a merger to further their shared mission to the mainline Protestant Church becoming what is now known as the Alliance for Christian Media.

Out of the unique multimedia strengths of these two organizations comes an organization with nearly 150 years of experience in religious communications, an outstanding board of trustees and a hardworking and dedicated staff.

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