The Rev. Gary Manning

Denomination: The Episcopal Church (TEC)
Organization: Trinity Episcopal Church, Wauwatosa, WI

The Reverend Gary B. Manning is the Rector of Trinity Church in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He has been in ministry together with that congregation since July, 2004. Prior to his arrival in Wauwatosa, he had served as the Associate to the Rector at Christ and St. Luke's Church in Norfolk, Virginia.

Manning received his M.Div. degree (cum laude) from The Virginia Theological Seminary in May, 2002. Before beginning his seminary studies in 1999, he worked as the Lay Associate for Administration and Education at St. Peter's Church in Fernandina Beach, Florida for five and a half years. Prior to his full time work in the church, Manning spent many years as an insurance agent. He completed his undergraduate degree, B.A. (Biblical Studies, cum laude), at Lee University in 1981.

During his tenure at Trinity Church, Manning has also served the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee as a member the Executive Committee, the Commission on Mission and Development and several other task forces and working groups. For the past three years, he has been a trainer for the Church Development Institute (CDI) in the diocese. He has recently completed additional training through the Institute for Personal Empowerment Coaching. He frequently serves as a consultant to parishes, working with clergy and vestries to foster synergistic relationships and clarify congregational mission strategies.


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Shackles That Won't Shrink!

Tuesday October 20, 2009
The Rev. Gary Manning, recipient of Virginia Theological Seminary's 2009 John Hines Preaching Award, reflects on God's unmitigated, unmerited, and unrelenting grace--and what it compels us to do in the world.