The Rev. Michael Sullivan

Denomination: The Episcopal Church (TEC)
Organization: Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA

The Rev. Michael Sullivan is Rector of Holy Innocents' Episcopal Parish in Atlanta, Georgia.

A native of South Carolina, Michael holds his B.A. From Wofford College, J. D. from the University of South Carolina, and M. Div. from the University of the South (Sewanee).

He is author of two books: Windows into the Soul: Art as Spiritual Reflection (Morehouse 2006) and Windows into the Light: A Lenten Journey of Stories and Art (Church Publishing 2008). He is a featured speaker and preacher, most often addressing art and spirituality.

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An Out-of-Order Lesson Calling Us to a New Day

Tuesday May 31, 2011
The Rev. Michael Sullivan shares the point of Jesus' High Priestly prayer, which as we celebrate Easter and the Ascension comes out of order in the gospel story: That we might realize the faith Christ has in us and in our calling.

Articles by The Rev. Michael Sullivan

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Starbucks as teacher

Wednesday October 09, 2013
When the email arrived from Starbucks, I had no idea I'd get more than a latte.

The Emerging Reformation

Friday August 10, 2012
We all know the Church is changing; it always is, but today's challenges seem immense. How do we find the Good News of Christ Jesus when there are so many challenges?

Giving up Church for Lent

Thursday March 01, 2012
A reflection on priestly vocation and the call of the Body of Christ for a new day in this season of Lent.

Yearning for Ashes

Thursday February 23, 2012
The imposition of ashes always takes me back to the first time I experienced the liturgy for Ash Wednesday . . . and to the mentor that taught me to survey the wondrous cross.

A Backroad County Sign and the Baby Jesus

Thursday December 01, 2011
When I passed the little country church with a shocking sign, I discovered that the world was ending, but Jesus had much more to say.

Liturgy and the Internet: Remembering Steve Jobs

Thursday October 06, 2011
Social Media went into overdrive upon the death of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. Joshua Case and Michael Sullivan explore how the virtual world is finding its voice and challenging the church for the 21st Century.

Of the Song of Moses and Lover of Peace

Thursday May 12, 2011
Remembering difficult scripture is as important as remembering the beloved. Lessons learned and relearned in recent days.

Remembering Reynolds Price

Friday January 21, 2011
With the death of the noted Southern author and Duke University professor Reynolds Price, I remember the day I met him and how he changed my life. Indeed, he taught me to read.

The Rev. Michael Sullivan: Responding to the Rhetoric

Tuesday January 11, 2011
In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, an Episcopal priest challenges us with the question, how will we respond?