The Rev. Ian Punnett

Denomination: The Episcopal Church (TEC)

The Rev. Ian Punnett (@deaconpunnett) is a veteran talk radio host and the author of "How to Pray When You're Pissed at God (or anyone else for that matter) published by Random House/Harmony Books ( He is undertaking Ph.D studies at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. He was ordained to the Episcopal diaconate in 2008.

He has been married for almost 28 years and is the father of two college age boys. 

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Ian Punnett: Miracles

Tuesday May 28, 2013
During extended news coverage of natural disasters such as the F-4 tornado that leveled Moore, Okla., the word miracle can seem overused, especially when miracle is only defined as a supernatural event or the suspension of the laws of nature by a divine agent such as God. But there is another, lesser understood definition of miracle that is not used enough.

Ian Punnett: Keep Bad Theology Out of Oklahoma

Wednesday May 22, 2013
In the deadly aftermath of the tornado that destroyed so much of Moore, Oklahoma, pain is only compounded by the implication that somehow the survivors are complicit in the death of a loved one because of their strength as a person. If God is only giving me what I can handle, then it would seem my boys would be a lot safer if I were weak.

Ian Punnett: An Angry Prayer When Nothing Makes Sense

Monday April 29, 2013
As a former chaplain intern, I have encountered disbelief in the face of tragedy as a consistent challenge to the faithful. In cases similar to the Boston bombing -- or, for that matter, the deadly fire and explosion at the fertilizer plant in West, TX -- sometimes it is anger toward God or anger with others that ends in resentment and frustration with God that can lead to disconnection with the Divine just when we crave that connection the most.