The Rev. Dr. Christopher Girata

Denomination: The Episcopal Church (TEC)
Organization: St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Dallas, TX

The Rev. Dr. Chris Girata began his ministry as the eighth Rector of Saint Michael and All Angels on August 15, 2016.

Previously Dr. Girata served as Rector of Calvary Episcopal Church in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, a position he had held since 2012. Prior to becoming Calvary's Rector he was Associate Rector of St. Luke's in Birmingham, Alabama, and a seminarian at The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and St. John's in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Dr. Girata received his Bachelor of Arts in religious studies, in honorus, from Stetson University, a Master of Theological Studies from Emory University, a Master of Divinity, cum laude, from Virginia Theological Seminary, and his Doctorate of Ministry from Duke University. He is recognized as a rising leader in the Episcopal Church, presenting regularly at church-wide conferences, seminars and retreats, and the Consortium for Endowed Episcopal Parishes.

Dr. Girata is a native of Florida, a classically trained musician, and an amateur cook. He and his wife, Nicole, have three children; Brayden, Layna, and Annemarie.

Day1 Weekly Programs by The Rev. Dr. Christopher Girata

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Christopher Girata: Shrewd Faith

Tuesday September 17, 2019
Dr. Chris Girata helps us unpack a weird parable of Jesus in Luke 16. Jesus’s moral of the story is rather confusing--we’re supposed to be shrewd like this dishonest manager? Yes--God’s children need to act shrewdly and be faithful with wealth

Chris Girata: Get Up and Live

Tuesday March 27, 2018
In his sermon for Easter Day, Dr. Chris Girata notes that at the tomb Mary Magdalene failed to see what was right in front of her--the risen Lord--and we can often be just like Mary. On this day we get a glimpse into a divine opportunity, the opportunity of Christ and the resurrection, which can enable us to actually live in this dark and scary world.

Chris Girata: Parade of Grace

Tuesday March 20, 2018
In his sermon for Palm Sunday, the Rev. Chris Girata says that in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus was challenging the political and religious leaders, mocking the powerful, openly criticizing the strong, and celebrating the simple grace of God. He was making fun of the Romans and their military parades as a way to point to the true power of God--a power that is found in humility, vulnerability, and grace.

Your Prophetic Voice

Tuesday February 16, 2016
Luke 13 raises the questions, what is a prophet? The Rev. Chris Girata helps us answer that question, and points out that prophets have something in common: their truth is quickly rejected by those who have a stake in maintaining power and the status quo. Jesus serves as our example, and calls us to be prophetic in our own unique way today.

The Good Choice

Tuesday February 09, 2016
In his sermon for the first Sunday in Lent, the Rev. Chris Girata says Jesus' temptation in the wilderness is about our human relationship with God, that we are not alone in the world and not alone to face troubles, fears, and temptations of the world on our own. Jesus provides a model for strength in the face of temptation and trouble.