Day1 Salon: Tailgating with Coach Bill Curry

Welcome to this special Day1 Salon: Tailgating with Coach Bill Curry. This was a live Zoom event on August 25, 2020.

Coach Bill Curry has spoken at a number of Day1 events over the years, including our 60th anniversary luncheon (15 years ago!) and a Day1 prayer breakfast, and he was one of our Day1 Community Leaders of Faith Honorees. His speeches have always been so inspiring, and if we ever needed inspiration, it’s these days with the pandemic-- especially since college football is in the state it is!

As a player, Bill Curry was a two-time Pro Bowl center and three-time NFL champion. As a coach, he restored the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to national prominence. He also coached at the University of Alabama, University of Kentucky, and Georgia State University, where he launched the football program a few years ago. And he was a popular on-air football analyst for ESPN for 10 years. Bill’s wife, Dr. Carolyn Newton Curry, is a noted author and a wonderful community and church leader.

Bill is the author of TEN MEN YOU MEET IN THE HUDDLE. Beloved author Pat Conroy called this “by far the best book about the NFL I’ve ever read” --high praise indeed. It’s powerfully moving and motivating and beautifully written.

As Bill’s friend and former player Pete Wellborn once said, “Bill improves and enriches the lives of everyone he touches. To be around Bill is to become a better person.” I’ve found that to be so true myself.

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