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Day1 network surpasses 200 stations

May 12, 2009

Day1, the national weekly radio program that showcases outstanding mainline Protestant preachers, is now distributed to more than 200 radio stations, an increase of 33% since early April.

Day1 is now airing in several dozen new markets, mostly in the Midwest and Northwest. The majority of new stations came to Day1 after the only other message-oriented mainline radio program, "Grace Matters," produced by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ceased production on April 12 after more than 60 years.

Airing coast to coast in the U.S., Day1 is also broadcast by stations in Canada, Africa, the Caribbean, and New Zealand. WSB AM 750 in Atlanta continues as the flagship station of the program's network. For a complete list of stations, click here.

This is the largest number of affiliates we've had in more than ten years. We are honored to expand our radio outreach because we believe deeply in the message of the mainline churches. It is a message of trustworthy tradition, intelligent inquiry, and faithful service in Christ's name. And it's a message otherwise rarely heard in today's media marketplace.

We are deeply grateful to our new and longtime stations for bringing Day1 to their audiences, as well as to the local churches, conferences, and individuals who help make it possible.

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