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Suggestions wanted: Online Formation Resources?

October 30, 2009

Can you help? Please read this and then offer any suggestions by commenting below (you must be signed in to comment).

We received an email from an Episcopal priest on the west coast who writes:

"Our church in an urban/suburban area and a commuter church. Like all churches we are losing the battle with post-modern culture in terms of attracting young families to attend Sunday services and programs. (They sign on but then cannot commit) As a result we have decided to put our Sunday School online, so our families can access when convenient to their schedule. We then have a once a month collective feast so they have opportunity to build community.

"The problem is we have found very little online to link. We are going to use a program in the UK but it is underdeveloped. My children, who do much of their homework online, expect not only home YouTube videos, but quality video and online gaming. I can find little of this with regards to any church....

"As I understand the church at the moment, a bold claim, there is a definite move to large resource churches and small home churches. Program and pastoral churches are on their way out. As we move towards a more online world both these types of churches are going to be looking for resources for their communities. Even as apps on their phones. Help!?"


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