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Kimberly Knight Kimberly Knight

Kimberly Knight is the online organizer for the Beatitudes Society. A graduate of Candler School of Theology, she is the pastor of Koinonia Fellowship, an online church at Second Life.

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United Church of Christ

Sacred Space in Cyberspace - Facebook Memorial

December 03, 2009

Digital Churches

As we continue to explore the nature of sacred spaces in cyber space I thought I would share a suprising moment for me. The other day while hanging out on Facebook a friend's page was suggested to me  since I had not been by in a while.  This particular suggestion took me off guard - not because I did want to visit the friend - but because the friend had passed away earlier this fall.  It had not occured to me one way or another that his page would be gone, or remain. 

So I followed the link, not prepared for what I would find.  A wall full of prayers, comments and well wishes that have appeared in the months since his passing. Some folks left prayers, some just stopped by to say they were thinking of him.  It seemed very personal and very much like we were still talking to a man who could read his facebook wall. 

Like a visit to a graveside where we often feel as if we are speaking with the departed this space afforded friends near and far a sacred space to speak to one they had grown to love in life and continue to love. 

Intellectual dissection aside, when I left the message on his wall, I felt for just a moment as if he would, read it and know how much his words meant to my life. You will be missed Delwin Brown.

Have you stopped by a departed friend's page?  How did you feel?


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