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The Rev. John Gunn The Rev. John Gunn
The 20th Century produced many outstanding writers. One whose literary accomplishment stands as a living monument is the pastor, newspaper columnist and author, John R. Gunn (1877-1956). On a wide variety of subjects he left us an abundance of messages that warm the soul and touch the heart.

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Guile, Falsehood, Slander

February 25, 2010

What does malice achieve except unhappiness in your own heart. To wish ill upon another does not bring ill to them, really... only to you for wishing it. It is your heart which is troubled.

Of what use is guile and slyness. None whatever. They only call for lying and more lying. And of course, you must remember your lies now to protect the lies of the future. The man who always tells the truth never has to remember what he has said in the past.

Slander is one of the most deadly of evils. A twisted word of hate here and there can bring deep hate and sorrow into the life of another. The wound of slander is slow in healing.

Avoiding these sins brings fresh air into our lives and the lives of those around us. The greatest feeling in man stems from the a free and happy soul. Right now, give yourself a long look, inside. How is your soul today?



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