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The Rev. Martha Sterne The Rev. Martha Sterne

The Rev. Martha Sterne is an Episcopal priest and author. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

Member of:

The Episcopal Church

Representative of:

Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, GA

Numero Uno Rule for Preachers

March 09, 2010

What is the number one rule of preaching?

Be brief.



Jesus was, is, will be.

The kingdom of heaven is like a  mustard seed.  A tiny word grows into a tree of faith.

In our day, commnications people tell us that we can't listen for longer than seven minutes.  Seven minutes.  Seven minutes. 

For every minute over, we lose two minutes of comprehension.  This is horrible but true.  Don't argue with it; embrace it.

Remember how Jesus taught . . . a pithy image, a small story, a quip, a question, the whole law wrapped in two commandments. 

Remember, too, that all of creation began with four words:  "Let there be Light."




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