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What's that song? "Enough for Everyone"

June 11, 2010
In our capstone program featuring President Jimmy Carter you'll hear a song entitled "Enough for Everyone." We also featured excerpts of it in three of the other programs in the series. There's a wonderful story--and an opportunity for you and your church--behind that song.

The composer and performer of "Enough For Everyone" is the Rev. Bryan Field McFarland, a Presbyterian minister, singer/songwriter, and hunger action advocate. If you'd like to hear the entire song, you can find an iTunes link at this site:

Bryan is working on a project called "...until all are fed," producing a hope-filled music CD to support the Presbyterian Hunger Project. For more information, and to help make this project possible, visit:

For further information, read this post on the Enough For Everyone blog:

Here's a recent article in the Presbyterian News Service about "...until all are fed":

• "...until all are fed" website:

• "...until all are fed" Facebook fan page -

• Bryan's website -

• Bryan on facebook -

• Bryan's fan page -


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