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The Rev. Thomas L. Brackett The Rev. Thomas L. Brackett is an Episcopal priest serving as Missioner for church planting, ministry redevelopment, and fresh expressions of church for the Episcopal Church Center, headquartered in New York, NY.

Member of:

The Episcopal Church

The Rev. Thomas Brackett

The Episcopal Church

The Rev. Thomas L. Brackett is the Episcopal Church Center's Missioner for Church Planting, Ministry Redevelopment and Fresh Expressions of church. He offers his ministry via three primary channels:

1.) training and coaching videoconference and teleconference calls (six monthly available to the public),
2.) long-term consulting with Diocesan leaders on diocesan-wide revitalization and
3.) in person presenting and training on the diocesan and provincial level.

Tom has been passionate about lively communities of faith for twenty-eight years of ordained life. He has led two church plants and started several new ministries within existing parishes. He is certified as a Coach and trained as a process consultant with an appreciative orientation.

He is a graduate of Union Institute and studied at Episcopal Divinity School and Bangor (ME) Seminary, earning a master of divinity degree.

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New Life In The Church - A Message from The Rev. Tom Brackett

The Rev. Thomas Brackett (TEC)
The Rev. Tom Bracket, Missioner for New and Revitalized Ministries for The Episcopal Church, shares a message with us on the bright new future he sees in the church being reborn into. Join us for a message of faith and hope, only on Day1.
The Rev. Thomas L. Brackett

This Prayer That Won't Let Me Go

John 17:6-19

7th Sunday of Easter/Ascension Sunday - Year B

May 20, 2012

The Rev. Thomas Brackett (TEC)

This passage is the gospel assigned for the 7th Sunday of Easter. In this excerpt, the writer offers us a word for word transcript of a prayer that he has somehow overheard Jesus praying. Jesus is here talking to His Heavenly Father, quite intimately reflecting on his mission. You might say that he is offering God a kind of exit interview. He explains that he understands his mission as that of making God's name known to these few who have been pulled out from the rest of the world. These are the few who would "get it." Oh right, and there was that one who was destined to be lost--speaking of Judas. The rest--well Jesus is asking the Holy Father to guard them from the Evil One and protect them--set them aside-- keep them untainted.

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Other Recent Content by The Rev. Thomas L. Brackett

The Rev. Thomas L. Brackett Transcript

September 19, 2010

Jesus the Rogue Rabbi

The Rev. Thomas Brackett (TEC)

The Rev. Tom Brackett takes on one of Jesus' most perplexing parables--the story of the dishonest manager--and discovers lessons about God's lavish, outrageously generous love.