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Day1 in the News: Read the Spirit

August 26, 2010

David Crumm, writer/producer/editor of, and his 21-year-old son Benjamin, are criss-crossing America covering 9,000 miles in 40 days, writing articles about what people are thinking today about their country. On their way through Atlanta, they spent some time with Louis Schueddig, president of the Alliance for Christian Media, and Peter Wallace, host and producer of Day1. Their report was featured in the Detroit Free Press and other Gannett newspapers. To read the full story, visit

ATLANTA, Georgia. Getting down to business, Atlanta is as American as pecan pie with Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, CNN and Home Depot among many other big companies. But when it comes to values, global assumptions veer toward the Southern Baptist Convention, Civil War memories and conservative politics. While there's some truth in all of those associations, Atlanta also is home to one of the nation's most influential mainline religious voices: Day1.

"The explosion of self expression in our country is a good thing but it's also a very alienating thing," said the Rev. Louis Schueddig, head of the Alliance for Christian Media that produces Day1. "With so many loud voices competing with each other, our country no longer has a common story. We desperately need to find platforms for common beliefs we can share. The church is one of the few places remaining where people can gather and find a common story. At Day1, we give voice to mainline churches so that this voice can be heard over all the rest of the noise out there today."

Read the rest of the story at Read the Spirit...

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