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The Rev. John Gunn The Rev. John Gunn
The 20th Century produced many outstanding writers. One whose literary accomplishment stands as a living monument is the pastor, newspaper columnist and author, John R. Gunn (1877-1956). On a wide variety of subjects he left us an abundance of messages that warm the soul and touch the heart.

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March 21, 2011

You are familiar with the story of the prodigal son - when the long lost son returned to his father's house it became an occasion for feasting and making merry, but the older brother was peeved and jealous. Lo these many years do I serve thee, he said to his father, and yet thou never gavest me a feast that I might make merry with my friends. And so, he turned away and refused to have any part in the happy celebration over the return of his wandering brother.

Peevishness -  the disposition to be sullen; to nurse a grievance; to imagine slights and wrongs where none are intended; to catch at every little thing with a quarrelsome intent; to be irritable and easily vexed; to be touchy and ready to complain or whine about anything, no matter how small.

What an ugly disposition, not only will it spoil feasting occasions, but any occasion where it intrudes itself. It will spoil a whole life if you give way to it. It will ruin any man for business or a trade or profession. It will ruin any woman for friendship, for love, for happiness.

Peevishness is fostered by pride, jealousy and selfishness. The more we give way to it, the more it masters us, but it can be conquered and overcome, if only we have the will and determination to do it. And faith enough in God to claim His grace and help.

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