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The Rev. Dr. David Sapp The Rev. Dr. David Sapp is the senior pastor of Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.

Member of:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Representative of:

Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

The Rev. Dr. David Sapp

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

A native of Savannah, Ga., David Sapp earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy degrees at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. From there, he was named to the staff of a national Baptist ethics agency, a role he held 1976-1981.

Over the next 18 years, he served First Baptist Chamblee (in Georgia) and Derbyshire Baptist Church in Richmond, Va., before coming to Second-Ponce de Leon in 1999.

David also has been an Adjunctive Professor at several seminaries and has written widely for denominational publications.

Latest Content by The Rev. Dr. David Sapp

The Rev. Dr. David Sapp

He Gets Me!

John 4:5-42

3rd Sunday in Lent - Year A

March 27, 2011

The Rev. Dr. David Sapp (CBF)

She came to my office to talk, but by the time she sat down, she was in tears. When she was finally able to speak a few words, this is what she said: "Nobody knows me, pastor. Nobody gets me."

She poured out dark and painful stories of her past. For years she had had a drug habit and had turned to prostitution to make a living. Now she had conquered her drug habit and had a legitimate job. She was deeply ashamed of her past, and she told no one. She guarded her dark secret and prayed no one would ever know.

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The Rev. Dr. David Sapp

Salvation by Faith

John 3:1-17

2nd Sunday in Lent - Year A

March 20, 2011

The Rev. Dr. David Sapp (CBF)

Nicodemus was the first person who ever heard the words: "You must be born again." The words shocked him into full attention. They were so different from anything he had ever heard before. They were so puzzling. Today, we hear them quite differently. Phrases like "born again" and words like "salvation" seem archaic, not new. They fall mostly on deaf ears. They sound out of place. They have a "churchy" ring to them. Many tune a preacher out at the first mention of these words. So before you tune me out, hear me out.

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