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Bishop Kenneth Carter Bishop Kenneth Carter

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Carter is Bishop of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, headquartered in Lakeland, FL.

Member of:

United Methodist Church

Representative of:

Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church


March 04, 2011


At the summit

we are surprised

by the vision.


On the mountain peak

we are amazed

by a glimpse of grace

and a little afraid.


We awaken

as the fog ascends

and a light

dazzling in its brilliance

pierces the cloud.


There is glory on each face,

we are high and lifted up

but a cross calls us;

there is no glory without death.


After the mountain top

there is always a valley

waiting for us.


It is helpful to remember

the transfigurations

when we are most overwhelmed;

It is necessary

to focus on Jesus, alone.


He is sufficient.

He is all we need.

"Listen to him", the voice speaks.

"Listen to him."


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