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The Rev. Hardy Kim

The Rev. Hardy Kim is senior pastor of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church in Sunnyvale, CA.

Member of:

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Representative of:

Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, Sunnyvale, CA

The Rev. Hardy Kim

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, Sunnyvale, CA


Hardy Hyoung Nyun Kim is senior pastor of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church in Sunnyvale, CA.

A second generation Korean-American, Hardy was born in Seoul, South Korea, and immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, with his parents as an infant. When he was ten years old his family moved to Detroit, Michigan. His family found a solid foundation of community and stability in Korean immigrant churches.  In Detroit his family joined the Korean Presbyterian Church of Metro Detroit and soon thereafter the church called a woman as the pastor of their English ministry.  The authenticity of her faith and her guiding questions challenged Hardy to reexamine his faith and to develop a vibrant, sustaining faith for the entirety of his life.  He became very involved in congregational life, participated in mission efforts around the country, and attended denominational and ecumenical events. 

After receiving a bachelor's degree in government from Harvard University in 1996, he enrolled in law school at the University of Michigan, believing that a career in law would enable him to change society and express his faith by helping others. However, after serving a year as a Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer in Mission in Belfast, N. Ireland, Hardy confirmed his calling was not to a career in law.  The joy he experienced in his ministry and in the connection with the community of faith around him convinced him that he needed a faith community to sustain him and ground him in his work.

In 2007 Hardy received a Master of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. In September of 2008 he completed a two year program at Fourth Presbyterian Church as a Lilly Pastoral Resident. While a resident at Fourth, he was able to participate in a large multi-staff diverse urban church. His ministry there was particularly focused on new members, young adults and mission.  It was during this time that he received a sense of call to be in relationship with persons in periods of transition and discernment regarding their relationship with church communities. Hardy continued this ministry as Associate Pastor for Church Growth Ministries at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, GA.



Latest Content by The Rev. Hardy Kim

The Rev. Hardy Kim

Hardy Kim: Connect to Real Life, Connect to Jesus

John 14:23-29

6th Sunday of Easter - Year C

May 26, 2019

The Rev. Hardy Kim (PCUSA)


Toward the beginning of her book Christianity After Religion, published in 2012, Diana Butler Bass shares part of a conversation she had with a seat mate on a plane who said, "'...I don't go to church anymore. I'm not mad at the church or anything - I appreciate what it gave me when I was young... But I just don't know where it fits anymore, and I just drifted away. My life is full without church; it seems kind of irrelevant. They don't care about my questions; there's no reason to go.'"

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The Rev. Hardy Kim

Hardy Kim: Food and "Them and Us"

Acts 11:1-18

5th Sunday of Easter - Year C

May 19, 2019

The Rev. Hardy Kim (PCUSA)


The story of Peter defending himself before the believers in Jerusalem is critical to our Christian faith. It helped open the door to including believers who did not (or could not) adopt a lifestyle consistent with Jewish purity laws.

Aside from that, we don't trouble ourselves with the particulars of the tale. As most Christians don't live according to any faith-based dietary laws, it can be hard for us to imagine what useful wisdom we might gain from this passage. And yet, these days, most of us pay a lot of attention to what we eat, don't we? We spend many hours researching what is good to eat and what is bad to eat. We look up expert advice to help us put together a personal diet that is healthy for both our bodies and spirits. We have all sorts of ideas about what makes a certain type of food or diet ethically proper, and many of us avoid whole categories of food on moral grounds.

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Other Recent Content by The Rev. Hardy Kim


The Rev. Hardy Kim - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

The Rev. Hardy Kim (PCUSA)

In this last conversation interview in our Young Leaders of the Church Series Day1 host Peter Wallace sits down with the Rev. Hardy Kim to discuss his view of young people in the church and how to reach them with substance instead of style, his role and focus on church growth as associate pastor and the life of his church at First Presbyterian in Atlanta, GA.
The Rev. Hardy Kim Transcript

May 29, 2011

Young Leaders Series V: Proclaiming Christ in the New Areopagus

The Rev. Hardy Kim (PCUSA)

In the final part of our Young Leaders of the Church Series, the Rev. Hardy Kim takes us back to ancient Athens, Greece, where the apostle Paul shows us how to engage the culture of the day.