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David Burns David Burns is a London-based feature film producer and composer.

David Burns

David Burns is a London-based feature film producer and professional composer.  He trained originally as an Architect before studying music for film in London and Los Angeles.  

Whilst practicing Architecture, for many years David wrote jingles for television (including such illustrious products as Kit Kat, After Eight Mints, Polo Mints and Carnation Cream!) and scored over twenty commercials mostly for the advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson.  Alongside his music work, David specialized in Architecture restoration.  His work included the Historical Roof Survey of the Queens House in Greenwich (the first Renaissance Building in England) and the models for the courtyard at the Victoria and Albert Museum, both of which are now kept at the Royal Historical Society in London.

In 1994, David started training as a producer with Jon Staton, the once Director of Television for the international advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, who had set up his own film production company.  The same year he was commissioned by the Episcopal Media Center to write the feature film script of C.S Lewis' fantasy novel, The Great Divorce.

For eight years David learnt the ropes before finally, in 2002, setting up Eden Films with the writer and director, Nicolas van Pallandt.  In 2004, he produced and scored his first feature film, Making Waves.  A delightful romantic comedy starring Robert Hardy (All Creatures Great and Small) and two newcomers, Craig Henderson and Susie Benton.  Made on a shoestring budget, Making Waves was released on DVD by Sony Pictures. 

Tracker, also written by Nicolas van Pallandt, was David's second feature film and was shot entirely on location in New Zealand.  He currently has two features in development, Politics (Director Norman Stone), a contemporary John le Carré-style thriller, and Spore, a comedy horror film starring Joe Flanigan (Stargate: Atlantis). 

In addition to writing four scripts of his own, David has written over 500 pieces of music, including a 100-minute classical ballet based on the writer C. S. Lewis' science fiction trilogy, called The Great Dance.  He also wrote and broadcast twenty talks for the centenary of Lewis' birth on London radio.


Latest Content by David Burns

David Burns

David Burns: Love Thine Enemy

David Burns

NOTE: This is reposted because the DVD edition of "Tracker" is now available.

Love thine enemy...  Forgive those who persecute you... 

I have never suffered war.  I have lived in London most of my life and have been deeply blessed with a safe, secure and quiet life.  Christ's commands are therefore, I am relieved to say, theoretical for me.  But how would I feel towards the Germans if I'd suffered the Blitz?  If I'd seen my home, my friend's homes, bombed, destroyed; women, children, entire families annihilated?   How would I feel towards the white man if I had been a Native American, an Australian Aboriginal, an African bushman?  As a Christian film producer, I wanted to make a film that explored the complexity and difficulty facing Christians who have truly suffered at the hands of an enemy; whose lives have been irrevocably damaged by not only the inconsolable grief of the loss of their loved ones but also the resultant fury and hatred of the enemy.

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