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Bishop N. T. Wright N. T. Wright is the former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England and one of the world’s leading Bible scholars.

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Bishop N. T. Wright


N. T. Wright is the former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England and one of the world's leading Bible scholars. He is now serving as the chair of New Testament and Early Christianity at the School of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews. For twenty years Wright taught New Testament studies at Cambridge, McGill, and Oxford Universities, and he has been featured on ABC News, Dateline, The Colbert Report, and Fresh Air. Wright is the award-winning author of After You BelieveSurprised by HopeSimply ChristianThe Challenge of Jesus, and The Meaning of Jesus(coauthored with Marcus Borg), as well as the much-heralded series Christian Origins and the Question of God.

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Bishop N. T. Wright

N.T. Wright: The Missing Middle: An Excerpt from "How God Became King"

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The problem i wish to address in this book can be introduced with a personal story from nearly fifty years ago. I was in high school, trying with some friends to run a small Christian Studies group. We decided one term that we would do a series of studies about Jesus, each beginning with "Why?" The topics included such questions as: Why was Jesus born? Why did Jesus live? Why did Jesus die? Why did Jesus rise again? And why will he return? (I don't think we had one on why Jesus ascended, though we should have.) Anyway, for some reason I was assigned the task of preparing and leading the second of these: Why did Jesus live?

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Bishop N. T. Wright

David Crumm Interviews N.T. Wright on "Simply Jesus"

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DAVID: After many years of reporting on your work, I particularly appreciate your role as an outsider. Much like C.S. Lewis and other popular Christian writers who have come to us from the U.K., you don't preach the same old political line that we hear from so many Americans. You teach in ways that sound fresh to our American ears. And, while you often criticize American culture, I think you also enjoy Americans. Is that fair to say?

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Other Recent Content by Bishop N. T. Wright

Bishop N. T. Wright Article

November 07, 2011

N.T. Wright: A Very Odd Sort of King - Excerpt from "Simply Jesus"

Bishop N. T. Wright (other)

In this excerpt from his new book, "Simply Jesus," Tom Wright writes, "Every time I opened the gospels and thought about my next sermon, I was faced with questions. Did he really say that? Did he really do that? What did it mean?"