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Father Albert Cutié

Father Albert Cutie is an Episcopal priest serving as priest-in-charge at the Church of the Resurrection, Biscayne Park, in the Diocese of Southeast Florida.

Member of:

The Episcopal Church

The Rev. Alberto Cutié

The Episcopal Church

Father Albert Cutié is priest in charge of the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Biscayne Park, FL. He is also the author ofNew York Times bestseller Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love 

Since 1999, Father Albert has had the special privilege of entering millions of homes throughout the world with his television and radio talk shows, as well as his newspaper advice columns. He was the first priest to host a daily "talk-show" as part of a major network on national and international secular television.

His first self-help book, Real Life, Real Love was published by Penguin and became a best-seller in Spanish.

Formerly a Roman Catholic priest, since May 2009 he is a married priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. Visit his website at:

Latest Content by Father Albert Cutié

Father Albert Cutié

Generosity as a Way of Life

Luke 12:13-21

11th Sunday of Pentecost - Year C

August 04, 2013

The Rev. Alberto Cutié (TEC)


As a twenty-one year old seminarian, I remember the afternoon when I walked into my pastor's office at my home parish where I worked every summer through high school and college coordinating youth programs and a Vacation Bible School and I said to him, "I think God wants me to have a different experience of ministry...I want to go to the mission to work with the poor." He sighed and rolled his eyes as if I was going through some "passing thing," but after months of insistence he began to realize I was serious and I was indeed going to do this. After calling and writing around, I discovered there was a Migrant Worker Ministry about 300 miles from home in a small rural parish that was looking for someone bi-lingual who could help. So I quickly signed up!

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Father Albert Cutié

Father Alberto Cutié: Overcoming Fear

The Rev. Alberto Cutié (TEC)

SERMON - JULY 10, 2012

Remembering Bartolomé de las Casas: Tireless Advocate for Justice (Matthew 10:26-31)

The Rev. Albert Cutié, Diocese of Southeast Florida

In the name of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen....

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Other Recent Content by Father Albert Cutié

Father Albert Cutié Article

March 16, 2012

Father Alberto Cutié: Lenten Journey

The Rev. Alberto Cutié (TEC)

In our fast-paced world, it is always a challenge to focus on our spiritual lives and the discipline required to make Lent a truly special time of personal growth and on-going conversion.
Father Albert Cutié Article

February 25, 2012

Father Albert Cutie: Our Search for Happiness and Fulfillment

The Rev. Alberto Cutié (TEC)

One of the most popular songs of the legendary singer Whitney Houston was "Didn't We Almost Have It All." My days as a teenage disc-jockey almost always come back to me when the words of an old song have some special meaning for life's circumstances.