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Roy T. Lloyd Roy Lloyd
Roy T. Lloyd regularly provides commentaries on 1010 WINS AM in New York City. He is President of the International Forgiveness Institute.

Roy Lloyd: Struggling with Faith

June 05, 2012

The age-old struggle with faith in God is ongoing and current. 

Just recently Teresa MacBain, an ordained Methodist minister, decided she could no longer lead a double life of pastor and doubter.  So she "came out" about her lack of faith after sharing her crisis in an online community called the Clergy Project, which provides a safe haven for clergy to discuss their torment over the loss of faith. 

After being honest, MacBain was locked out of her church, her supervisor wouldn't meet with her, and friends became former friends.

Another Teresa, Mother Teresa, also struggled with faith in God.  Her letters, published after her death, revealed her fear of being a hypocrite. She wrote, "Where is my faith?  Even deep down there is nothing but emptiness and darkness.  If there be God, forgive me." She said her smile was a mask. 

Teresa MacBain was thrown to the wolves.  Mother Teresa is considered a saint.  As someone said to me the other day, "Just because your faith changes doesn't mean you lose your morality." 

This is Roy Lloyd.

Originally presented as a commentary on NewsRadio 1010 WINS in New York, NY.


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