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The Rev. Canon Louis C. Schueddig, D.D. The Rev. Canon Louis C. Schueddig

The Rev. Canon Louis C. "Skip" Schueddig was executive director of the Episcopal Media Center and the Alliance for Christian Media in Atlanta, GA, having retired in 2013. He is an Episcopal priest.

Member of:

The Episcopal Church

Representative of:

Episcopal Media Center

The Rev. Canon Louis "Skip" Schueddig - A Day1 Conversation

May 03, 2013

As of May 1st the President of Day1's parent company, The Alliance for Christian Media, the Rev. Canon Louis Schueddig, or Skip as we know him, steps into retirement after 30 years of leading our media ministry. In celebration of his long and creative service to this ministry he talked with Day1 Host Peter Wallace in the studio for our May 5th broadcast, and discussed what it's been like to lead a media focused ministry through times of such enormous change in communications. Thank you for your leadership and your legacy, Skip.

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