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The Rev. Chris Yaw The Rev. Chris Yaw
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Chris Yaw Interviews Tim Reaves: Focusing on the Four E's Brings Vitality

June 28, 2013

Taken with permission from

The mission statement at Pine Valley United Methodist Church in Wilmingon, NC is all about looking outward - and that's why pastor Tim Reaves thinks his congregation is growing.

Reaves, who's in his first year at the helm, says articulating the vision - leading from the pulpit - has been one of the areas he feels most called to undertake.

In this interview, Tim outlines the 4 E's - and tells us why looking outside ourselves is the key to finding fulfillment inside ourselves.


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Tim's inspiring sense of compassion for those who are hurting and suffering fuels his call to mission. Here are my notes from the interview:

The Four Es
They're Excellence in worship, Engaging spiritual formation, Extra-mile caring and Expressive faith sharing. Tim admits that a derivative of this would probably work in any congregation because it gets to the sense of who the Church is called to be.

Going Short Term with Small Groups
Many churches are challenged by small groups that go nowhere - Tim's solution (that's working so far) is to only call them together for 6 or 8 weeks at a time to study a specific topic.

Leading from the Pulpit
Tim is convinced that a big part of his ministry is articulating the vision - and that it needs to happen from the pulpit - every Sunday. How well are your sermons reflecting the congregation's larger sense of purpose and mission?

About Tim Reaves
Tim Reaves currently serves as Lead Pastor at Pine Valley United Methodist Church in Wilmington, NC.  Before moving there, he pastored The Bladen Charge United Methodist Churches in rural Bladen County, North Carolina for 15 years.   Tim has a MDiv from Duke Divinity School and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Hood Theological Seminary.  He has preached revivals and youth events and taught evangelism workshops across North Carolina.  He is married to Tina, has two daughters, Alena and Trinity, and a dog named Cotton.

Books Tim Recommends
Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend
A Place to Dig in: Doing Evangelism in the Local Church


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