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The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens is an Episcopal priest and founder of Thistle Farms in the Nashville area.

Member of:

The Episcopal Church

Representative of:

Thistle Farms

The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens

The Episcopal Church

Thistle Farms


BECCA STEVENS is an Episcopal priest, entrepreneur, author, and social justice activist. She is founder and president of Thistle Farms, a community of women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and addiction. She has been featured in New York Times, on ABC World News, NPR, PBS, CNN and was named a "Champion of Change" by the White House in 2011. Most recently she has been featured in the PBS documentary, "A Path Appears." She was named 2014 Humanitarian of the Year by the Small Business Council of America as well as the TJ Martell Foundation, has been inducted into the Tennessee Women's Hall of Fame, and was conferred an honorary doctorate by Sewanee: The University of the South. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Grammy-winning songwriter Marcus Hummon, and their three sons.

Becca's latest book is, "Letters from the Farm: A Simple Path for a Deeper Spiritual Life." Her personality infuses her writing and speaking. She is earnest and empathetic, focused and funny. She is known for her wit as well as her humility, for day-to-day absent-mindedness and for steadfast practicality. Her message is honest and she offers groups a way to move from fear or cynicism into inspired action.  She is fervently hopeful and determinedly loving.

Becca appears at national events as a keynote speaker, at business gatherings as the Founder of the largest social enterprise in the US run by survivors, at universities inspiring young adults to live into their ideals, and at morning worship in churches. As an inspirational speaker she us growing a global movement for women's freedom.


Latest Content by The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens

The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens: Loving Our Enemies Is Our Saving Grace

Luke 6:27-38

7th Sunday after Epiphany - Year C

February 24, 2019

The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens (TEC)


Walking through the woods in winter, it is easy to spot mistletoe. It sits in splendor on lofty branches high in an elm's canopy. After all the leaves have fallen and the woods have turned to grey, the mistletoe offers white berries and shiny green leaves like a Siren's song to those wandering beneath her. It is no wonder that all kinds of myths and legends have been written about mistletoe. Mysterious and vulnerable, she hovers above in glory offering plenty of room for those of us below her to judge her - both for her beauty and her poison. People have shot mistletoe down with BB guns and climbed dangerously high just to capture her twigs. Bound in ribbon and tied under a doorway, she emboldens those who stand beneath her to await a kiss. One legend declares that the dangerous fruit of mistletoe was used to poison the arrow of an enemy of the goddess of love in order to kill her son. Weeping tears on the deadly arrow, the goddess cast a spell over mistletoe promising all who passed beneath her to be given a kiss.

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The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens

Seeing Signs and Feeling Wonder

John 2:1-11

2nd Sunday after Epiphany - Year C

January 17, 2016

The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens (TEC)

Epiphany is the season we celebrate signs. We mark four Epiphanies in this season of light, including the story of the Magi, Jesus' baptism at the River Jordan, changing water to wine, and the Transfiguration. These Epiphanies are selected from events in Jesus' life when people saw signs and were able to glimpse into the fullness of faith.

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Other Recent Content by The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens

The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens Article

January 06, 2016

Becca Stevens: Letters from the Farm: A Simple Path for a Deeper Spiritual Life (An Excerpt)

The Rev. Dr. Becca Stevens (TEC)

These letters from the farm describe a faith that strives for justice and peace through loving our neighbors. It began with the simple hope that love can help in community. That hope led to a social enterprise called Thistle Farms and that led to learning that we reap a hundredfold the seeds that are sown in a loving community.