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The Rev. Alan Sherouse The Rev. Alan P. Sherouse is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.

Member of:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Representative of:

First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC

The Rev. Alan Sherouse

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC

Alan Sherouse is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC, where he has served since September 2013. Before coming to First Baptist, he served as pastor of Metro Baptist Church in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, where he also worked with Metro's affiliated community nonprofit, Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries.

Alan is married to Jenny Sherouse and they are the parents of Jack (6), Della (3) and Warner (1), and they're expecting a fourth child - a girl - in August.

Alan and his church are affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and CBF-NC, and he is also personally affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists. An active participant in community and denominational efforts, Alan currently serves as Chair of the Missions Council of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, which has played a central role in the renewal of vision and strategy for the future of CBF Global Missions.

Born in Louisville, Alan considers himself a native of Florida, where he spent his entire childhood. Alan grew up in a pastor's home, the son of Dr. Craig and Beverly Sherouse (currently of Second Baptist Church in Richmond, VA).

Alan completed undergraduate studies in Religion at Palm Beach Atlantic University (2002), before continuing theological education at Wake Forest University Divinity School and Vanderbilt University.

Latest Content by The Rev. Alan Sherouse

The Rev. Alan Sherouse

Alan Sherouse: The shame is mine: ‘Roots’ 2016

The Rev. Alan Sherouse (CBF)


Recently I was one among the millions who watched A&E's powerful and devastating "re-imagination" of the epic miniseries Roots, brought to the small screen for a new audience against the not-so-new backdrop of this, the latest iteration of the crisis of racism in the United States. Two nights this week I went to bed with tears. At points in each episode, I wanted to look away.

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The Rev. Alan Sherouse

Open Wide the Doors

John 20:19-22; Acts 2:1-21

Day of Pentecost - Year C

May 15, 2016

The Rev. Alan Sherouse (CBF)


Andrew Forsthoefel was 23 years old when he decided to try walking across the Continental United States from his home in Philadelphia all the way to the Pacific Coast. No rides. No smart phone. He carried a backpack containing camping equipment, a camera, a food bag stocked with jerky, tuna fish and PB&J, and a sign hanging off the pack that said, "Walking to listen."

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Other Recent Content by The Rev. Alan Sherouse

The Rev. Alan Sherouse Transcript

May 08, 2016

Walking Downhill

The Rev. Alan Sherouse (CBF)

In his sermon for Ascension Sunday, the Rev. Alan Sherouse notes that after gazing at Christ ascending to heaven, the disciples had to walk back down to the real world, where Jesus beckons all of us to live and serve others as well. It's not an easy walk, but it's worth it.