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Can’t keep up? Nine ways to simplify your ministry

November 08, 2016

Fall is well underway. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Ministry is hard work, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are nine ideas to make your ministry (a little) simpler.

  1. Say no at least once a week. (Just because you feel guilty for saying no doesn't mean you should say yes.)
  2. Read the text for NEXT week's sermon at least once by the end of THIS week.
  3. Unsubscribe from at least five e-mail newsletters.
  4. Create a "read and review" e-mail folder for the others. Set it up (or have someone else set up) so they are delivered right to that folder.
  5. Experiment with planning worship more than one week at a time. Start with two weeks.
  6. Try asking, "What do I want to do now?" rather than "What should I do now?" You may find it easier to decide.
  7. Pray as you prioritize. You'll get more clarity about what's important.
  8. Finish a draft of your sermon at least one day before it HAS to be done. Don't worry if it seems bad. You'll find your subconscious works for you while you sleep, and you'll come back to it with new ideas and a new perspective.
  9. Ask the question, "Is this my responsibility?"

Which one appeals to you? Experiment with it for a week. Or adapt it to make it work for you. Or come up with your own idea to simplify your work.

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