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The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV

The Rev. Rob Lee is an ordained United Church of Christ minister, activist, and author of the book Stained-Glass Millennials.

Member of:

United Church of Christ

The Rev. Robert Lee

United Church of Christ

Robert Wright "Rob" Lee IV is ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, educator, author, and activist.

He graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree from Duke University Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina, in May 2017. Rob has served in UCC, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and United Methodist congregations.
Rob received his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies degree from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina and served First Baptist Church, West Jefferson, NC as Assistant Minister for Youth while at Appalachian. He is now an instructor at Appalachian State University.
He has served as a religion columnist for the Statesville Record and Landmark in his hometown of Statesville, NC. He has also had works in the Huffington Post, Reconciling Ministries Network, and Baptist News Global.

Lee contributed to the Common English Bible, Student Edition. He is the author of Stained-Glass Millennials published by Smyth and Hewlys Publishing.

Latest Content by The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV

The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV

Rebert W. Lee IV: Christ the King: Where I Learn to Believe Again

The Rev. Robert Lee (UCC)

My wife hates spoilers, that's why she hasn't allowed me to show her one of the better episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The final episode of the greatest television series of my life came to mind when I was geeking out with my friend Katelyn over the series. All Good Things Parts 1 and 2 try to capture the essence of the series that defined television science fiction in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

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The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV

Rob Lee: When Teaching Becomes an Education

The Rev. Robert Lee (UCC)


This piece was written with the permission of the students involved.

I've had the best time teaching public speaking at my alma mater this past semester. This is my first semester teaching and frankly the realities and complexities of my life have made it hard for me to keep my eyes on teaching the classes I was assigned. But nonetheless this all changed when two very different students did something liberating and radical in my class.

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Other Recent Content by The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV

The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV Article

October 23, 2017

Rob Lee: 'Building a Bridge': An interview with Father James Martin

The Rev. Robert Lee (UCC)

He might be the most famous Catholic priest in the country. Father James Martin, SJ has sat down with me before and I consider him to be a light in this world. But this past year he, like me, has faced controversy. He wrote a book titled: 'Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity.'
The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV Article

September 27, 2017

Rob Lee: Public Theology And Taylor Swift

The Rev. Robert Lee (UCC)

It’s confession time: I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. I’m starting to identify with her more now that I’ve been thrust into the realm of public theology.
The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV Article

September 05, 2017

ON Scripture: Gathering to Resolve Hate (Matthew 18:15-20) By The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV

The Rev. Robert Lee (UCC)

When I picture what God looks like, I picture Bertha Hamilton. Mother Bertha as she is known at her church is on staff at the hospital where my mom works. Mrs. Bertha has worked with my mother for some 30 years and was my confirmation mentor. Mrs. Bertha is also a person of color and has deeply influenced the way I look at race and the cost of discipleship.
The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV Transcript

August 20, 2017

Rob Lee: Nevertheless, She Persisted

The Rev. Robert Lee (UCC)

The Rev. Rob Lee says he likes to think that the woman in Matthew 15 is an exemplar for all women and men who seek justice and don’t always get the answer they want. We have every right to question God, he says, but we must be prepared for persistence.