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The Rev. B. J. Hutto The Rev. B. J. Hutto is associate pastor of Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York, NY.

Member of:

American Baptist Churches USA

Representative of:

Madison Avenue Baptist Church, New York, NY

The Rev. B. J. Hutto

American Baptist Churches USA

Madison Avenue Baptist Church, New York, NY


From Orangeburg, South Carolina, B.J. Hutto graduated with a BA in Religion and English Literature from Wofford College and holds an MDiv and ThM from Duke University Divinity School. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Theological Ethics at Kings College, Aberdeen (at-distance) with a focus on the Church's understanding of marriage. He has written for publications such as The Christian CenturyTouchstone Magazine, and Elevating Preaching.

Before coming to the Madison Avenue Baptist Church, B.J. served two churches in North Carolina: First Baptist Church, Henderson (associate pastor) and Crabtree Valley Baptist Church, Raleigh (solo pastor). B.J.'s wife, Rebekah, is also an ordained minister, serving The Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City.

When not working or studying, B.J. is happiest when spending his time like Jesus' first disciples, in a fishing boat.


Latest Content by The Rev. B. J. Hutto

The Rev. B. J. Hutto

B.J. Hutto: On Being Philip

John 12:20-36

5th Sunday in Lent - Year B

March 18, 2018

The Rev. B. J. Hutto (ABCUSA)


Today we need to start out by talking about Philip. Not Philip the Apostle - we'll get to him in a minute - but that great conquering hero, Philip of Macedon. When he was made king in the 4th century B. C., Philip took the beleaguered and bedraggled Macedonians, and he carved an empire for them out of the Greek world that his son, Alexander the Great, would expand east and west from India to Egypt. Philip and Alexander created the imperial footprint on which the Romans would later build their own empire. Philip and Alexander created the Hellenistic world - the Greek world - that Jesus was born into. Philip and Alexander were conquering heroes - they were people who redeemed the world for their followers - and so it's no wonder that in the centuries after they ruled, people and places would be given their names. This is why Paul wrote one of his letters to a group of Christians known as Philippians. This is why Jesus could travel to a region of Galilee known as Caesarea Philippi.[i] This is why, to arrive at today's text, there were people in Israel who bore that unmistakably Greek name, "Philip."

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