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Day1 host Peter Wallace's new book on the emotions of Jesus is, according to Marcus Borg, “An illuminating and powerful personal meditation." Ideal for personal or group study.

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Act on Faith and Global Hunger

Faith and Global Hunger Series from Day1

If you feel inspired by faith to take action in support the MDG effort, you can do many things - bring the issue before your congregation, write a letter to your member of Congress or local newspaper, or join or sponsor an MDG-related public event, for example.

Here's are two great ways to involve your congregation: - includes full resources for sponsoring congregational or other group actions as part of the Sept. 17-19 global "Stand Up and Take Action" weekend

The Micah Challenge's 10.10.10 Global Prayer action - find resources here to add your congregation to the October 10, 2010 Global Prayer involving more than 100 million Christians worldwide

Or write a short letter to your member of Congress - here are quick tips and a sample letter.

Tips for an easy, effective short letter:

1. Include your name/address in your letter and on the envelope, so your members of Congress will recognize you as a constituent.

2. Ask for specific action, using the following sentence or your own words: "I urge you to support full funding of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals program through the foreign assistance budget."

3. Give reasons why. You might share a personal story about what motivates you to write, since letters with personal stories are the most compelling and effective.  You might, for example, describe your faith and how it leads you to take action on behalf of the least among the global family.

To find your representative, please go here:

Here's a complete sample letter:

Date ___________

Dear Rep. ___________ or Dear Sen. ____________,

I urge you to support full funding of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) program through the foreign assistance budget.  The MDGs are showing tremendous success in reducing poverty, hunger, and disease.  They are also improving access to primary education and clean water, while increasing fairness for women and girls.

As a Christian, I am compelled by my faith to promote justice, particularly for the least among the human family.  I draw great inspiration from my faith.  I am also inspired by the great gains shown by the MDG program.  The MDGs are working.  They are changing the lives of tens of millions around the world.  No longer must we throw up our hands in despair when we confront the challenge of one billion people without enough food, or the one billion without clean water.  The MDG program is proof that failed development strategies of the past have been replaced by practical, cost-effective interventions that truly transform the lives of the poor.

We have reached a critical moment for the MDG program.  On Sept. 20-22, world leaders will meet at the global Millennium Development Goals review summit to review the MDG effort.  Please add your voice - and your vote - in support of strong U.S. financial backing for the MDG program.  Such investment makes sense.  By improving the lives of the world's poorest citizens, the MDGs build not only a world that is more just, but also one that is more secure.


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