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The Rev. Ron Buford

Ron Buford: It's Time

Ron Buford (UCC)

"Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit." - John 12:24


friend complained about his mom, a wealthy woman who by inheritance wanted for nothing . . . but was miserable. "It's a living hell" was her constant refrain while shaking her downcast head when even life's smallest routine things went wrong. This so bothered my friend that their time together was difficult.

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The Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

Paul Raushenbush: 12 Spiritual Leaders: A Surprising Surge Of Hope

The Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush (ABCUSA)


By Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

On November 8, 2016 an already divided America was further fractured. For many of us who are working to make America a more welcoming, just and inclusive nation - to make the America that never was, but that we pray must someday be - the victory of a backwards looking candidate whose campaign was marked by racist and sexist rhetoric was a soul ripping moment.

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Other Recent Day1 Blog Articles

The Rev. Wayne Meisel Article

November 15, 2017

Wayne Meisel: Tradition and Innovation: Seminaries that Change the World, Class of 2017-18

The Rev. Wayne Meisel (PCUSA)

In the nearly twenty years since I graduated from seminary and the world has changed significantly, but the need for leaders trained to think theologically has not.
The Rev. Dr. Emily C. Heath Article

November 14, 2017

Emily C. Heath: Holding on a Little Too Tight

The Rev. Emily Heath (UCC)

I hope that my death is still many years away. Age and actuarial tables tell me that's probably true, but you never really know. Friends and classmates I thought I'd grow old with have been lost in the blink of an eye. I don't live in fear or anxiety, but I do know that none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.
Carl McColman Article

November 13, 2017

Carl McColman: Five Elements of a Daily Contemplative Practice — and Four Principles for Cultivating Your Practice

Carl McColman (other)

Recently a reader of this blog posted this question: 'Just curious Carl — what does your typical schedule look like? How do you put it all together?' I think the larger question here is how can anyone — not just me — cultivate a daily contemplative practice. So I’ll answer the question, but then I want to reflect on the question of a regular practice in general.
The Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt Article

November 12, 2017

Frederick Schmidt: I Come to Bury Evangelicalism, Not to Praise It

The Rev. Dr. Frederick Schmidt (TEC)

Coming from Scot McKnight, who is himself a leading evangelical voice, the summons to bury the movement this last week came as something of a theological earthquake. But in not very different terms from the title above, that was exactly what he suggested.
The Rev. Rob Lee Article

November 10, 2017

Rob Lee: When Teaching Becomes an Education

The Rev. Robert Lee (UCC)

I’ve had the best time teaching public speaking at my alma mater this past semester. This is my first semester teaching and frankly the realities and complexities of my life have made it hard for me to keep my eyes on teaching the classes I was assigned. But nonetheless this all changed when two very different students did something liberating and radical in my class.
The Rev. Dr. Jim Somerville Article

November 09, 2017

Jim Somerville: Onward, Christian Soldier

The Rev. Dr. James Somerville (CBF)

I met Carol Adams at a 'Faith Leaders' Summit' at the Police Department. She was the one who had invited me, and when I got there, there she was: this petite, policewoman with a radiant smile, handing out water bottles and snacks and making me feel welcome in a place that didn't exactly reek of hospitality.
Bishop Kenneth Carter Article

November 07, 2017

Bishop Ken Carter: Remembering Who We Are: Where covenant, justice and unity meet

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

This is the second post in the series, 'Remembering Who We Are.'
Bishop Kenneth Carter Article

November 06, 2017

Bishop Ken Carter: Remembering Who We Are: Finding our core

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

In conversations with the Florida Conference cabinet and later with a small team of persons on the Commission on a Way Forward, we sought to gain more clarity and definition of what is at the core of who we are as United Methodist Christians.