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Judith Valente on ‘How to Live’: What St. Benedict’s 6th Century Text Can Teach Us About Our Communities Today


EDITOR'S NOTE-Judith Valente's new book, How to Live, is so timely that we invited her to write our Cover Story, this week, focusing in particular on wisdom from the 6th Century Rule of St. Benedict about leadership. In this column, she is drawing on just one of the nearly two dozen reflections in her new book. This is a terrific choice for holiday gift giving. You-or someone you love-may want to read a chapter a day for several weeks.

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Other Recent Day1 Blog Articles Article

September 28, 2018

David Crumm: C.S. Lewis Is Alive and Well! Why an Oxford-Cambridge Professor who Died 55 Years Ago Remains a Best-Selling Author

Clive Staples Lewis is back! HarperOne has just released two new C.S. Lewis books that fans of the prolific Christian author should regard as magical wardrobes—literary doorways that open into the world of Lewis’s creative mind and heart.
The Rev. Benjamin Pratt Article

September 24, 2018

Benjamin Pratt on the James Bond Bible Study: ‘Do you have the courage to open your eyes?’

The Rev. Benjamin Pratt (UMC)

“Do you have the courage to open your eyes to the many guises of evil in our times?” That’s a line from a reviewer’s recommendation of my book, Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins and 007’s Moral Compass, which was published 10 years ago this autumn.
The Rev. Susan Sparks Article

September 20, 2018

Susan Sparks: Lord Give Me Patience . . . And Make It Snappy!

The Rev. Susan Sparks (ABCUSA)

Our modern society can best be described in three words: fast, immediate, and instant! We speed walk, speed dial, and speed date.
The Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon Article

September 14, 2018

Will Willimon: Reflecting on Bishop Goodson - New Book Review, "Go And Be Reconciled"

The Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon (UMC)

William E. Nicholas, professor emeritus at United Methodist-affiliated Birmingham-Southern College, and an active member of the conference Archives and History Committee, provides a wonderful treatment of Alabama Methodist racial history in his new book Go and Be Reconciled: Alabama Methodists Confront Racial Injustice: 1954-1974. Article

September 04, 2018

David Crumm: The Original ‘Outlaw Christian,’ Jacqueline Bussie Leaps from Despair to ‘Love Without Limits’

Based on the success of her first book, What Jacqueline Bussie did not realize is that her 'outlaw' idea was edgy and popular with her evangelical editors—until she revealed the next steps she wanted to take in her spiritual journey. In writing this new book, Bussie simply assumed that her editors would follow her lead in calling for loving relationships with actual 'outsiders'—including Muslim and LGBTQ friends. Article

August 27, 2018

David Crumm: Reviving Our Soulforce: Reesheda Graham-Washington and Shawn Casselberry Distill Dr. King’s Wisdom into Seven Pivots for Courageous Communities

“Soul force is where the Spirit of God and our human resilience meet. The Spirit doesn’t override our will, nor does it bypass our humanity. The Spirit works in concert and collaboration with our ingenuity gifts and grit,” Reesheda and Shawn write in the introduction to their new book, Soul Force: Seven Pivots toward Courage, Community and Change. Article

August 20, 2018

David Crumm: Solus Jesus: Emily Swan and Ken Wilson are following Jesus into a world where everyone feels safe

Just imagine: A world where everyone feels safe. Everyone is loved. That alone is an astonishing vision in this era when each morning’s front-page headlines chronicle yet another crushing confrontation between our nation’s leaders. And then imagine: In this world shaped by Jesus’s vision of compassion and justice, everyone is invited to explore God’s goodness—because everyone recognizes that a loving God continues to remains active in our world.
The Rev. Susan Sparks Article

July 31, 2018

Susan Sparks: We Were Made for These Times

The Rev. Susan Sparks (ABCUSA)

I recently had the privilege of reading this powerful piece from the author and poet Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I hope this feeds you as much as it did me . . .