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Latest Day1 Radio

The Rev. Hardy Kim

Hardy Kim: Connect to Real Life, Connect to Jesus

John 14:23-29

6th Sunday of Easter - Year C

May 26, 2019

The Rev. Hardy Kim (PCUSA)


Toward the beginning of her book Christianity After Religion, published in 2012, Diana Butler Bass shares part of a conversation she had with a seat mate on a plane who said, "'...I don't go to church anymore. I'm not mad at the church or anything - I appreciate what it gave me when I was young... But I just don't know where it fits anymore, and I just drifted away. My life is full without church; it seems kind of irrelevant. They don't care about my questions; there's no reason to go.'"

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The Rev. Hardy Kim

Hardy Kim: Food and "Them and Us"

Acts 11:1-18

5th Sunday of Easter - Year C

May 19, 2019

The Rev. Hardy Kim (PCUSA)


The story of Peter defending himself before the believers in Jerusalem is critical to our Christian faith. It helped open the door to including believers who did not (or could not) adopt a lifestyle consistent with Jewish purity laws.

Aside from that, we don't trouble ourselves with the particulars of the tale. As most Christians don't live according to any faith-based dietary laws, it can be hard for us to imagine what useful wisdom we might gain from this passage. And yet, these days, most of us pay a lot of attention to what we eat, don't we? We spend many hours researching what is good to eat and what is bad to eat. We look up expert advice to help us put together a personal diet that is healthy for both our bodies and spirits. We have all sorts of ideas about what makes a certain type of food or diet ethically proper, and many of us avoid whole categories of food on moral grounds.

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Other Recent Day1 Radio

The Rev. William Carter Transcript

May 12, 2019

Bill Carter: Nagging Grace

The Rev. William Carter (PCUSA)

The Rev. Bill Carter shows us that while the last verse of Psalm 23 says “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,” a better translation for "follow" is pursue or chase—goodness and mercy chase after us. What might that mean for our faith?
The Rev. William Carter Transcript

May 05, 2019

Bill Carter: Mourning to Morning

The Rev. William Carter (PCUSA)

The Rev. Bill Carter says Psalm 30 may be filled with joy, but it is a hard-earned joy. It's a daring prayer, because it seems to encourage arguing with God about our difficult situations in life. Should we follow that example?
The Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis Transcript

April 28, 2019

Karoline Lewis: The Courage to Ask

The Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis (ELCA)

Dr. Karoline Lewis shines a fresh light on Thomas in the Upper Room, revealing that we often miss the fact that he spoke up and asked for what he needed. We tend to stay silent, for ourselves and for others, because surely someone else will speak up, stand up, give voice to us and others. What are we afraid of?
The Rev. Canon John Thompson-Quartey Transcript

April 21, 2019

John Thompson-Quartey: On Being God's New Creation

The Rev. Canon John Thompson-Quartey (TEC)

In his Easter message, the Rev. Canon John Thompson-Quartey reminds us that the Bible says if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation. Easter is about celebrating God’s new creation--each of us--which turns our world’s assumptions about life and death on its head.
The Rev. Dr. Steven Pierce Transcript

April 14, 2019

Steven Pierce: Ain't No Rock Gonna Shout for Me

The Rev. Dr. Steven Pierce (other)

Dr. Steven Pierce preaches on the drama of Palm Sunday leading into Jesus’s Passion—the drama of praise, the drama of hypocrisy, and the drama of our deepest need. Even in times of brokenness and doubt, “yet we will praise him,” for when we are faithful in our praise, we discover the mystery of God’s faithfulness.
The Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis Transcript

April 07, 2019

Karoline Lewis: Grace Upon Grace Love

The Rev. Dr. Karoline Lewis (ELCA)

Dr. Karoline Lewis says that it’s easy to miss the reality of the sacrifice Mary made for this gesture of love for Jesus—around $20,000 of precious perfume poured out on his feet. She calls it a “grace upon grace kind of love,” abundant love—the kind of love that has to be shown, not just said.
The Very Rev. David Hodges Transcript

March 31, 2019

David Hodges: Return as Far as You Can

The Very Rev. David Hodges (TEC)

The Very Rev. David Hodges shares that the story Jesus told about the return of the foolish son really makes it clear that this isn’t about repenting and being forgiven, it’s a story about a father who lavishes love and acceptance on that son. Just as God does for us.
The Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Montgomery Transcript

March 24, 2019

Stephen Montgomery: The Voice of the Gardener

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Montgomery (PCUSA)

In his sermon for the 3rd Sunday in Lent, Dr. Stephen Montgomery says if you want a sign of God at work in the world, then listen carefully in this world for voices like the voice of the gardener--who encouraged the landowner to be patient for fruit to emerge from the fig tree.