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Latest Day1 Radio

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Girata

Christopher Girata: Shrewd Faith

Luke 16:1-13

15th Sunday after Pentecost - Year C

September 22, 2019

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Girata (TEC)


Let's all be very clear: this parable is weird. Although the parable begins with a pretty good hook and seems to go in a predictable direction, the story skews off pretty quickly, leaving us all a little confused. At first, this parable is off-putting, apparently contradictory, and in the end, does not seem like the kind of parable that would be a favorite for most of us.

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The Rev. Dr. Simon Mainwaring

Simon Mainwaring: Leaving Egypt

Exodus 32:7-14

14th Sunday after Pentecost - Year C

September 15, 2019

The Rev. Dr. Simon Mainwaring (TEC)


Earlier this year, I had the privilege of leading a pilgrimage to the holy lands of Israel and Jordan. In honesty, I have never been someone who hankered to step where Jesus and Moses and Abraham stood. I was curious, but not burning with desire. As the time approached for our pilgrim bad to leave, I noticed that my curiosity was quickly turning to anxiety. I wondered how on earth I would be able to capture the incredible significance of these places and peoples. I wasn't sure if I was worried about myself not appearing quite as knowledgeable as others might have thought me to be, or worried about the people I was leading, that they would not have the kind of deep spiritual experiences that they'd been hoping for. 

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Other Recent Day1 Radio

The Rev. David Meredith Transcript

September 08, 2019

David Meredith: Not Equality in All Things

The Rev. David Meredith (UMC)

Paul’s letter to Philemon is instructive, says the Rev. David Meredith, because it reveals that equality in Christ is about the mutual participation of the particular person, gifts, graces, call, mission, and ministry of each person and Christ. As Galatians 3:28 puts it, “in Christ there is no division...among us all are equal.” That reality demands much of everyone in the church.
The Rev. Palmer Cantler Transcript

September 01, 2019

Palmer Cantler: Table Etiquette

The Rev. Palmer Cantler (UMC)

The Rev. Palmer Cantler says that in Luke 14, Jesus seems to presage Emily Post’s protocol for dinner seating. But his lesson is much deeper, focusing on the Kingdom of God. It’s not table etiquette, but table fellowship in view here. Jesus’s words are not instructions about seating charts, but a breaking open of our need to feel exalted for a lesson on humility.
The Rev. Dr. Kristin Adkins Whitesides Transcript

August 25, 2019

Kristin Whitesides: Set Free

The Rev. Dr. Kristin Whitesides (CBF)

Dr. Kristin Whitesides helps us see the point of view of a woman with a spirit of infirmity, bent over, only able to see the ground, and thus ignored and overlooked by all around her. This was her life for 18 years, until Jesus in the synagogue proclaims she is “set free.” Praise is only one reaction to this healing—the other comes from the threatened religious leaders.
The Rev. Mark Ramsey Transcript

August 18, 2019

Mark Ramsey: Tomorrow

The Rev. Mark Ramsey (PCUSA)

The Rev. Mark Ramsey says that in Hebrews, the path from today to tomorrow is lined with a cloud of witnesses, each one cheering us on, recognizing our challenges from their own struggles and hardships, and reminding us of the promises of God in Jesus Christ.
The Rev. Mark Ramsey Transcript

August 11, 2019

Mark Ramsey: Today

The Rev. Mark Ramsey (PCUSA)

In his sermon on Hebrews 11, the Rev. Mark Ramsey says we live in a time when short-term thinking is being substituted for long-term vision at so many turns—but the writer of Hebrews names the source of live-giving vision: Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
The Rev. Jason Micheli Transcript

August 04, 2019

Jason Micheli: No Salvation Outside the Church

The Rev. Jason Micheli (UMC)

The Rev. Jason Micheli says the key to having love as a noun in your life is making love a verb; where you invest in loving actions, loving feelings will follow. If that’s how love works for a spouse or in a relationship, then why do we suppose it’s any different when it comes to our love for God?
The Rev. Jason Micheli Transcript

July 28, 2019

Jason Micheli: God Is the Bigger Elvis

The Rev. Jason Micheli (UMC)

In his sermon on Colossians 2, the Rev. Jason Micheli asks us: if you’re already forgiven, if Jesus has forgiven every sin you’ve done or will do, why would you bother following him? Paul makes the case in Colossians that this is indeed the case—that it happened once, for all, unconditionally. So why bother with this whole Christianity thing?
The Rev. Henry Brinton Transcript

July 21, 2019

Henry Brinton: Christian Flow

The Rev. Henry Brinton (PCUSA)

In the novel "City of Peace," as pastor Harley enjoys the hospitality of Sofia and Youssef, Coptic Christians, Harley begins to sense what psychologists describe as “flow,” when a person becomes energized, focused, and fully involved in an activity. As the Rev. Henry Brinton puts it in his sermon, Harley was experiencing “Christian Flow.”