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Day1 host Peter Wallace's new book on the emotions of Jesus is, according to Marcus Borg, “An illuminating and powerful personal meditation." Ideal for personal or group study.

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Resources for September 11th

September 11th, 2001 Reflection, Remembrance and Renewal

Reflections on September 11th, 2001

A classroom and discussion piece directed by Dr. Courtney V. Cowart

Dr. Courtney Cowart emerges from the shadows of the falling World Trade Center buildings in September 2001 with a strength bonded from the love of perfect strangers coming together to help each other in time of need. In this half hour long video she discusses her experiences directing a recovery effort at Ground Zero after barely surviving that fateful day, and extrapolates an outlook on leadership based in community and love from those experiences.

Produced in a partnership between Day1 and the Fund for Theological Education this piece is intended for your use while remembering the events of ten years ago this Sunday. Some content from this video was used from Dr. Cowart's book, An American Awakening, and a project called Courage 9/11 recorded in the Day1 studios for The Episcopal Media Center.

Sermon for September 11th, 2011: An Exhortation To Forgiveness

Click here for Dr. Cowart's sermon for this Sunday.

Interview with Dr. Courtney Cowart

More resources

Courage 9/11: A Pilgrims Walking Tour of Ground Zero - Courage 9/11 is a remarkable audio journey around the ground zero site, beginning at St. Paul's Chapel just across the street from the site where thousands of recovery workers were served during the recovery phase. Hear stories and voices, with a heartbreaking clarity at times, of the truly heroic people who gave their time and their lives for the cause of healing and renewal of New York. Renew your own belief in times of great trial with this resource that so clearly lays out the strength of good that human beings are capable of in times of great grief and need. 

An American Awakening: From Ground Zero to Katrina the People We Are Free To Be - Dr. Courtney V. Cowart's book describing her lifechanging journey from serving the recovery in New York following September 11th, to serving as Director of Disaster Response for the Diocese of Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina, this story is among the more remarkable and honest looks at some of the greatest challenges this country has faced in a long, long time. Click through to learn more. 

NPR: The Story of Father Mychal Judge, The First Casualty and Source Of Grace - This NPR piece is a particularly moving story about the Father Mychal Judge, a Franciscan friar and chaplain to the New York City Fire Department, who was among the first reported killed in the September 11th attacks. His death saved the lives of the five men who carried him out of the rubble and avoided the collapse of the North Tower.  

Odyssey Networks Resources - Odyssey is devoted to bringing people of all faiths together around the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to begin the conversation about why now, more than ever, ten years later, faith needs to be seen not as the inciting incident, the problem, and the divide...but as the voice, the fulcrum and the solution.