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Latest The Key Voice Blog of Rev. Chris Thomas Articles

The Rev. Chris Thomas

The Faith to Grieve

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

The story of Jesus reviving Lazarus is the hinge upon which the entire narrative of the fourth gospel swings. It is a story rich in Easter allusions, not-so-subtle winks at Jesus' own death, burial, and resurrection. It is this very event which causes the high priest Caiaphas and the rest of the religious establishment to decide to put Jesus to death (it says in 11.53: "So from that day on they planned to put him to death"). It is a story that shows us the power of Christ, the power to resuscitate a man who had been four-days-dead and sealed in a rock-hewn tomb. I suppose some would argue it's the most powerful of all of Jesus' signs; it tops healing the sick, restoring site to the blind, causing the lame to leap, and even feeding more than five thousand people with a handful of fish and bread.

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Other Recent The Key Voice Blog of Rev. Chris Thomas Articles

The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

May 26, 2016

What's a Pastor For?

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

Is the pastor a "holy hired-hand," an employee of the congregation selected as a surrogate to carry the weight of the work of ministry? Is the pastor's job description a list of bullet points with quantifiable results? Or is there something more to it, something more mystical or down-to-earth?
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

January 22, 2016

Ministry as a Millennial: Some Observations (and Maybe a Few Predictions) about Ministry in a Traditional, Institutional Church

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

Millennial ministers face a unique set of challenges, especially as the pace of change quickens.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

November 18, 2015

Signs of the Times? (A Sermon)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

After the terrible news we've all witnessed from around the world in the past few weeks, one can't help but wonder, "Is this the end?" But are we called to look for signs, or do something about terrible news we hear?
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

April 03, 2015

A God out of Control (for Good Friday)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

God is in control. Is God in control? Good Friday calls us to reexamine what it means to have control, for God to have control.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

March 26, 2015

Alone (A Sermon for Holy Week)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

In Christ's final moments he as abandoned by those who had once followed him. He was jeered by those who once shouted "Hosanna!" Even the Father seemed to have left him. He was alone.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

December 17, 2014

An Advent Song (A Sermon on Mary's Magnificat)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

A good song provokes us to thoughtful reflection, maybe even to action. Mary's song of praise is no different.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

November 14, 2014

Another Post about Millennials #sorrynotsorry

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

Everybody is concerned about Millennials and the Church. Every congregation wants Millennials as a part of their community...but do they really?
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

September 22, 2014

7 Things Your Pastor Wants You to Know (But Probably Can't Tell You)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

There are always things (some serious, others not so much) that pastors wish they could just come right out and tell their parishioners. They seldom do, however, for fear of sounding defensive, making relationship awkward, or (wort of all) termination. These are just seven such things that come to mind.