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Latest The Key Voice Blog of Rev. Chris Thomas Articles

The Rev. Chris Thomas

From One Minster to Another

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

October is Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month, and this coming Sunday (October 14th) is Clergy Appreciation Day, so I thought I would take (more than) a few words to express some appreciation for those who have been pastors in my life.

The first real pastor I ever knew was John Granger, Sr. Dr. Granger is my best friend's (John Jr.) dad. I met him when I was in the third grade and ever since he has been a sort of second father to me. As a kid, I knew he was a pastor, but I never felt the uncomfortable pressure of having to conform to some false sense of piety whenever I was in his presence. Whenever I would play or spend the night with John, I never felt like his dad saw me as a "potential convert," a soul in need of saving. I felt like a normal kid.
As I got older, Dr. Granger became a steady presence of a man of faith in my life, showing me that church-folks could be kind, generous, and unapologetically intelligent. He, his wife Kathy, their daughters Charis and Denise, and their son John (my life-long best friend) have been a second family to me, and there really aren't enough words to express my gratitude for all they've done for me in my life, so I have to begin these words about clergy appreciation with my deepest appreciation for Dr. john Granger, Sr.

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Other Recent The Key Voice Blog of Rev. Chris Thomas Articles

The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

December 15, 2017

A Parable

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

Two men go on a trip. Both come back. Only one got the message.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

April 12, 2017

The Faith to Grieve

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

We need a faith that is built upon more than easy proof-texts and bumper sticker slogans to get us through our grief. Thanks be to God we have a deeper faith, a faith realized in Christ.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

May 26, 2016

What's a Pastor For?

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

Is the pastor a "holy hired-hand," an employee of the congregation selected as a surrogate to carry the weight of the work of ministry? Is the pastor's job description a list of bullet points with quantifiable results? Or is there something more to it, something more mystical or down-to-earth?
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

January 22, 2016

Ministry as a Millennial: Some Observations (and Maybe a Few Predictions) about Ministry in a Traditional, Institutional Church

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

Millennial ministers face a unique set of challenges, especially as the pace of change quickens.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

November 18, 2015

Signs of the Times? (A Sermon)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

After the terrible news we've all witnessed from around the world in the past few weeks, one can't help but wonder, "Is this the end?" But are we called to look for signs, or do something about terrible news we hear?
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

April 03, 2015

A God out of Control (for Good Friday)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

God is in control. Is God in control? Good Friday calls us to reexamine what it means to have control, for God to have control.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

March 26, 2015

Alone (A Sermon for Holy Week)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

In Christ's final moments he as abandoned by those who had once followed him. He was jeered by those who once shouted "Hosanna!" Even the Father seemed to have left him. He was alone.
The Rev. Chris Thomas Article

December 17, 2014

An Advent Song (A Sermon on Mary's Magnificat)

The Rev. Chris Thomas (CBF)

A good song provokes us to thoughtful reflection, maybe even to action. Mary's song of praise is no different.